A Cry For Help

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Anderson's life takes a bad turn as his whole future is effected. Can Anderson fight for change? Or will his whole life be effected?!
This animation was created with very limited software called Toon Boom All Star not Flash! I love using limited programs for the challenge. Over 7000 frames of animation just to make ya smile!


Good effort. Awesome story. However, you definitely need to spend more time on your animation, and I'm not sure what type of mic you are using for your voice acting, but the audio doesn't sound too good. I still enjoyed your cartoon though, mainly because it's an interesting story and the video is longer than most flash animations on here.

The effort and time you put into your animations is unreal. A few seconds under 18 minutes after a few submissions is unheard of so great job on that. You have a lot of potential and I think that program is limiting your potential and is not worth the challenge because it can hurt your future growth as an artist and animator.

Animation: Improved slightly from your last video and liked the emotion put in there for the characters.

Audio: Also improved slightly from your last video.

Story: Pervert Jones! It was good to see him show up but the concept was good and the music fit in nicely with the scenes.

Tips for improvement:

- You like a challenge? Use Flash, After Effects, and/or Photoshop. These programs are standard in the industry, extremely powerful, will cut down the amount of time you spend on your animations, and will show a dramatic improvement in the smoothness of your animations and quality of work. Master these programs!

- The audio has too much static so you'll need a nice USB mic and use a program like Adobe Audition to filter our any noise.

- The conversations need to be more fluid and I think correcting the static will also help with that because now when the static stops it goes completely silent and it makes the pause between people talking seem longer than it actually is.

- Don't worry too much about some of the art being out of proportion. Even the animators of Family Guy have to send their work to Japanese animators to correct.

I know you can easily make these corrections, lets make it happen!

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Nice. Liked the concept. The people looked nice, but my computer ruined it for me.

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nite2727 responds:

Thank you! Your feedback means a lot!

Your ambition seems to be growing, but your skills haven't quite caught up with it yet. A 17-minute Flash as your 3rd submission is something not many people attempt, so props for trying. I'm sure you're aware the choppiness of your animation doesn't do it any favors. Working on smoother, shorter animations in the future may be more rewarding in developing your skills. Your art needs some work overall. I commend your ability to draw hands, as I find them to be a real pain in the ass, but some of your art is out of proportion and other parts, like your cars, just look bad. The shading helps your art out, though. The atmosphere you were going for wasn't really achieved because of your cartoony-looking characters and some oddities or mistakes in the narrative. Why was it necessary for the kid to notice Mr. Anderson looking at his mask in the car if he was going to see Mr. Anderson's face while he was leaving the bank anyway? Why make Mr. Anderson a very sad and understandable person in the beginning and end of the Flash, but have him do pointlessly sleazy things like smell the hostage's hair and laugh throughout the whole robbery? I somewhat enjoyed the minor sense of humor you injected into the animation, especially the Pervert Jones crossover.

You've got some work to do, but you're obviously truly interested in Flash. Maybe you'd find creating a silent animation helpful?

nite2727 responds:

the program that im stuck with cant handle what im trying to do. instead of all 17 minutes on one safe file, it was broken into over 20 parts. it was hell even to create an animation this long with such software./the kid to notice Anderson was to help with the description, and to show that Anderson didnt really think this out as much as he should./ Anderson as a character did all of that in the bank was to show a change in him due to the stress build up. His voice showed that he was still a bit nervous before his voice got more aggressive./ And thank you for noticing that.

when it comes down to it, i really need a new program!!! this one now will crash, i wanted more detail like at the end throughout the whole thing but the program would not allow such detail for a large amount of frames. i need a program that can handle what im trying to do. but thank you, it was helpful. thats why im on this site, people tell you what they think.
I have more stuff on the way, always aimed to be better than the last. stay tuned!

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Aug 9, 2013
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