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"Into the depths of the labyrinth I creep, lightning crackling from my fingertips. Perhaps somewhere in this labyrinth I might find the Scroll of Power that can put an end to the Warlock's evil. Things are stirring in the darkness around me... Legions of foul goblins... They are aware of my presence... I must fight."

Arrow keys or WASD - move
Control or Space - fire
M - mute
Esc - pause

Warlock is the 3rd Prize winner in Mochi's July 2013 retro game development competition. In order to really capture the look and feel of gaming in 1983, Warlock was written with graphics and sound fx that are within the capabilities of the ZX Spectrum. Even the Spectrum's characteristic "attribute clash" has been faithfully recreated. Although we did decide that making you wait 4 minutes for the game to load and then displaying "R TAPE LOADING ERROR 0:1" was probably a step too far in the pursuit of authenticity.

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That was not hardcore enough for a zx spectrum game =)

Even if I even played only on ZX spectrum emulator, that was a good times, and thank you for reminding me of them.

My main complaint is about sound as well, but only about sound of steps. That was really annoying =\

Im not a fan of this time of games but it is playable and fairly entretaining

decent arcade game could have added music though, but i got killed by some red guy who looked like me cause he wouldn't get hit by me and practically stuck to me x_b

PingwinGames responds:

Thanks! Read the instructions and there may be a clue as to what you need to do in order to defeat the Warlock (the red wizard) ;)

I like the idea but the sounds are just annoing ,really. My ears started to bleed when i touched an enemy. Also a mini map would help.

PingwinGames responds:

Thanks for the good rating! The sound fx did suffer a bit due to the tight deadline for the competition and also due to constraint of only using sounds that could have been produced by a ZX Spectrum with sound hardware consisting of a simple single channel beeper.

Credits & Info

4.66 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2013
2:48 PM EDT

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