Goblins at the Gates

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Microtransactions have been removed from the game. Now it is 100% free to play Goblins at the Gates, and all the awesome items are still in the game, now you just earn them by playing and collecting loot from the enemies. Enjoy! :-D


Since some players found the previous version of the game too difficult, we've adjusted the difficulty slightly in today's new build.

It is entirely possible, if not exactly easy, to complete the game without buying premium items. The premium stuff is mainly for players who've enjoyed the game enough to want a little bit of extra fun, and to whom a dollar or two is no big deal. Sorry to those of you who felt squashed against the paywall in the previous version!

Today's update also includes a number of other small changes. For example, it's no longer possible to shoot faster than the skill level permits.

Thanks for your valuable feedback so far, all of you, please do keep it coming!


Use bows, crossbows, and deadly magic to crush the advancing goblin army before they breach your barricades in this intense medieval fantasy shooter. Collect loot and gain experience to upgrade your equipment and learn skills in between levels.

Mouse to aim and fire.
1, 2, 3, 4 to change weapons (when owned)
Q, W, E, R to cast spells (when learned)

* Loot collected from enemies is used to purchase upgrades between levels.

* You can also upgrade your skills by spending experience points.

* Experience points can be reset and redistributed freely.

* The icon of a castle in the top-left corner of the screen displaysthe number of 'lives' teh castle has left. If five or more monsters breach the baricade, the level is lost.

* You can play earlier levels again with upgraded weapons and spells and get a better score. Your total point score is made up of all your best scores for individual levels.

* The game always remembers your best score for a level, and gold and resources accumulates, even when a replayed level is lost.

* To store your progress and/or buy premium items, log into GamerSafe.

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pretty good game. prob is even with all upgrades you can't win! ive maxed out all upgrades and unless you get premium items you cant win...cant stand when makers do this to games to get themselves money or people to join their damn website....that part is a FAIL in my book.

Frederik77 responds:

You definitely can win the game without premium items. If at first you don't succeed...

EDIT: All premium content is unlocked in the current version.

I have been playing flashgames since 2002. So maybe my humble opinion might help you out.

The biggest problem with this flashgame is the experience/gold advancement. Gaining gold just takes too long. Many players will stop playing after the 8th wave, with only one weapon and spell upgrade.

The gameplay itself is mediocre. Nothing groundbreaking. However, it gets better later in the game.

Take care of your experience curve next time. Make it steeper and add more content.

The game is totally playable without prem. items. I really enjoyed it, and would have given 5 stars but there are not enough upgrades for the amount of levels. By the 18th level i had all upgrades and I was only a little past the half way point of the game. Otherwise great game, super addicting, and I really like the graphics.

The game was very well done but it doesn't make me jump up and shout 'Best Game EVER!" and I believe that may be because there are so many games similar to this one. However, I did have fun playing and it felt like a professional game. Good job.

Boring. Too slow of a process and still too much dependency on me spending my money to win a flash game.

Frederik77 responds:

Please check the update. There's no dependency on you spending anything.

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2013
5:05 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
  • Daily 4th Place August 10, 2013