Laser Ball.

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Shoot a laser ball and bounce it around an obstacle course so it can land inside of a hole.

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=aW0zFLt1TnA


This game is miscategorized as a puzzle-difference when it should probably be skill-other, or puzzle-other.

It has countless issues in both programming and science.

No music, no sound, a flawed physics engine, a glitched up object spawner (one of the shots spawned nowhere near the gun) a poorly programmed power meter (it can't decide what to do when I shoot all three shots as fast as I can) abysmal collision accuracy, the gun wobbles around when it turns, and even slides off map at the end of the game, there's no way to play the game over again without clicking 'clear save', even if you've reached the end, far too many of the levels were so easy, I got them all in a single shot, and having to wait for a ball to get out of under the gun so that it didn't mess up my next shot was an annoying pain, especially when it was rolling as slow as possible.

And now for a little lesson in science. We'll ignore whether or not light can be condensed into a ball or not. Instead, I'm going to explain that light isn't effected by friction, or gravity of levels that low. These laser balls, made up of light, would have no mass, and wouldn't slow down from friction. They also wouldn't bounce, unless the walls were mirrors, or other reflective material, and definitely wouldn't bounce off each other.

This would have made more sense if it were a game of obstacle course golf.

way too hard and useless for diffrences.

Why is this game in the difference games? The game is over flowing with problems, flaws, bugs, and glitchs. It needs more than a lot of work it needs to be shutdown and completely redone. And please don't put in back in the Difference games folder. it should go in the others game folder.

this game is like a BLOW OUT!

you need the fix tat thing in the game where the laser bounces off of nothing.

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2.88 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2013
3:05 AM EDT
Puzzles - Difference