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10.30, 3.49, 742, 5718
Kirby battles a foe from the past, who could it be? Interactive fun, cute little clouds, and a cameo from Lakitu!

If you don't like Kirby then find another movie to watch, because Kirby's games as well as personality are represented in this movie. And, yes, I know about the cartoon on Fox, this was made before the Kirby Right Back at Ya cartoon.

This was the first Flash movie I made and I had no idea what I was doing, but I think it turned out pretty good. Review Crew award for my first try, pretty good, huh? ^_^

Have fun.



Great Goin

Yeh man, that is good shit. Maybe in my post I wasn't as clear as I wanted to be. I don't care about movies that prove a point. I want funny, creative entertainment. Your movie does just that. As for the video game characters, if you incorprate them correctly into your movie, your score gets helped a lot. Thanks for the posts!!

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T0MMY responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm happy to see I've made it to your favorite artists and that you enjoyed my work.


Sorry i just didnt like it

Im not the greatest with flash either but im okay. But seriously i think the kirby drawing was bad im sorry but it just was. Drawing kirby with a mouse isnt that hard you click circle and you drag its really quite easy. I could barely watch it i was so bored and the pointless yaaah and waah's.

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T0MMY responds:

You should note this was my first Flash movie I submitted, I agree the graphics aren't top-notch (though not bad like you said, I don't find anything easy about using the circle tool with a bad wrist or optional left hand, be thankful for your healthy carpals), but you should know I pulled this thing out in a weekend, and I intended it to be a 10 second short just to show someone a little animation. I was quite embarrassed that I hit the Top 5 and Review Crew pick with something I just threw together, so I spent a little more time with the graphics to make up for it. But I'm happy I could entertain and bring some happiness to 90% of those who watched this.
The last reviewer for my second Kirby movie made an emphasis on how good the art was in that. Perhaps you'd want to check that out.
Thanks for being honest.



THAT was kinda cool im still not sher witch one i liked best

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T0MMY responds:

Decisions, Decisions... you know, I'm not sure which one I liked better either...
I'll tell you this, the third one will definitely be my favorite (and I'm sure everyone elses' too).


fairly good

why respond to every review??

T0MMY responds:

Because if someone actually takes the time to review then I should at least have the common decency to respond to them. It'd be like me coming up to you and saying something and you just walk away.
Hm... wouldn't you have liked to put at least some kind of comment about the movie in the body of your review?


I love it

If ur a fan of kirby contact me sometime for some zsnes action my email is

You seem like a very good person.

I do realize my account is sir_mage_knight, thats a long story.

I loved the flash man, plz contact me.

T0MMY responds:

I sent an e-mail your way. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed my work. Thanks for the review.


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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2002
12:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Review Crew Pick September 3, 2002
  • Daily 3rd Place August 31, 2002