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Triangle n' Octagon 3

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The evil time travelling triangles have a evil time travelling duel to the death.

I'm pretty busy on bigger things but felt like cranking out something simple. good day

p.s. look forward to triangle n' octagon 4 in 2015.

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this is hot tub time machine?

I'm amazed you let this go on for 3 episodes

where is tno4 :(

wow, a 4th one in the coming soon (yes, some people do read the description)

I admit to being really confused by this. Where was the octagon in this? Is it some sort of injoke I'm not familiar with? I appreciate how it's pretty unique. You never did know what to expect from these cartoons. Two triangles would only make six sides.

Why is this a loop? You should really only use that for songs. I do like how the jokes build each other up. You could go on all day about it. Is this a reference to "Looper"?