Zomby Birdy: Save de Pig

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Windy 5 Points

Solve 5 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Woody 5 Points

Solve 5 levels in Zomby Birdy

Reggicidal 10 Points

Solve 10 levels in Zomby Birdy

Spikey 10 Points

Solve 10 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Metallic 25 Points

Solve 15 levels in Zomby Birdy

Otherworldly 25 Points

Solve 15 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Hasticidal 50 Points

Solve 20 levels in Zomby Birdy

Rocky 50 Points

Solve 25 levels in Zomby Birdy

Bombicidal 100 Points

Solve 30 levels in Zomby Birdy

Promethean 100 Points

Create a level in the Zomby Birdy Level Editor

Author Comments

What is it like to be on the other side of a catapult game? Turn the tables and play to protect the pigs against brain-hungry zombie birds. Features an extensive collection of fun objects, and an editor to create levels to your heart's content, then to share them with the rest of the world.

Drag and drop objects to thwart the zombie birds' desire for pig brains.


Must be a glich in 26 level, cuz when I try put nailed ball in the right place, the ball rolls from the towers shelf, although the tower is tilted to the right side :/
And thanks for e-mail me @kikill :) and send this flash-game. It's AWESOME.

kikill responds:

Thanks for the feedback and rating! You have to drag the spikey to the right and down to secure it firmly onto the ledge. If you put space between the wall or floor it will bounce and roll off.

Fun game a new sorta spin on angry birds It takes lots more skill
as its more of a block puzzler.

Also i like the way the game slowly integrates new set peaces into the mix
and dose not leave you wondering what to do.

All in all solid game.

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The reverse angry birds idea was really great, keep up the awesome work.

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Really simple but creative to build a game the opposite of the angry birds. I think it's brilliant. Animations and sounds are good. The whole game/mod works there are no bugs. Every level is different so it doesn't get boring. Also the bonus level was really smart to show the players what is possible in this game. Conclusion is a great game, keep up the good work!

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kikill responds:

Glad you like it, very generous of you BounCe89! ^^

thanks for all the medals it was worth it
like u said:this game is an anti-catapult physics puzzler where you play to save instead of to destroy.
and what a good concept for this game
keep up the good work:)

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kikill responds:

You're welcome Gamerik and thank you too!

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
5:00 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other