Zomby Birdy: Save de Pig

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Windy 5 Points

Solve 5 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Woody 5 Points

Solve 5 levels in Zomby Birdy

Reggicidal 10 Points

Solve 10 levels in Zomby Birdy

Spikey 10 Points

Solve 10 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Metallic 25 Points

Solve 15 levels in Zomby Birdy

Otherworldly 25 Points

Solve 15 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Hasticidal 50 Points

Solve 20 levels in Zomby Birdy

Rocky 50 Points

Solve 25 levels in Zomby Birdy

Bombicidal 100 Points

Solve 30 levels in Zomby Birdy

Promethean 100 Points

Create a level in the Zomby Birdy Level Editor

Author Comments

What is it like to be on the other side of a catapult game? Turn the tables and play to protect the pigs against brain-hungry zombie birds. Features an extensive collection of fun objects, and an editor to create levels to your heart's content, then to share them with the rest of the world.

Drag and drop objects to thwart the zombie birds' desire for pig brains.


A nice twist on angry birds . Art style a little rough , besides that great game .

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kikill responds:

Thank you KingWin!

3.5 stars. The levels are good, but the story is a bit strange and edit levels is annoying

kikill responds:

The story is really just for fun and the level editor requires a little bit of patience (okay a great deal of patience ^^), not for everyone I understand. Thanks anyways AZAZET! ^^

The gameplay was good (if not a little bit too easy on even the later levels), but your custom level design program is too frustrating to use to its full potential. I believe i ran into a bug with your switches, where it would automatically be pressed as soon as the level began without anything touching it and configuring it took a lot of trial and error since I didn't know what the proper displacement was to let the pig go through. I wondered why many of the custom levels had no player interaction other than just pressing the play button.

Also, I did summit a level, but it did not show up under my "Shared Creations" tab in my account. Why is this?

kikill responds:

Okay, here's how it is:
1) The difficulty curve is designed for a more general audience, a lot of the levels had been modified to meet that.
2) The level editor is really a bare bones application more suited to the specially motivated, so that evaluation is fair.
3) The switches are a bit more sensitive than perhaps ideal - it goes off whenever the red button touches something especially during level start when gravity kicks in, but many of the levels demand this to be so.
4) Yeah, the proper pig displacement can only be ascertained by trial and error, hopefully eased by the example of the given levels.
5) I think the reason many of the levels are essentially movies is people simply want to get the Promethean medal as quickly as possible. I have an update ready to sort this kind of levels such that they will be placed at the bottom of the list. But there is a problem I think with the NG project system so I can't update stuff.
6) Finally, the levels you make are uploaded to a server outside of newgrounds so it won't show on your account.

Thank you for the detailed review Plasmarift and for giving a great rating. ^_^

Really simple but creative to build a game the opposite of the angry birds. I think it's brilliant. Animations and sounds are good. The whole game/mod works there are no bugs. Every level is different so it doesn't get boring. Also the bonus level was really smart to show the players what is possible in this game. Conclusion is a great game, keep up the good work!

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kikill responds:

Glad you like it, very generous of you BounCe89! ^^

Pretty fun puzzle game. There are a few issues that I would like to address though.

The tutorial was just okay; it told be about a few mechanics of the game but neglected to tell me about others. The art was good however the portals didn't have the same art style as the other objects in the game; it felt like you were trying to do a combination of cartoon and realistic art but it doesn't work.

I had a problem with the story since it was obviously recycling the angry birds; I feel it's better to use you own plot for games and not just take another games story but it's better than no story. I personally didn't see any bugs. Finally the gameplay; It was good however I felt like some of the content was pointless because we rarely saw it like the zomby bait.

Overall a few nitpicks but nothing that stops this from being a good game. Keep up the good work.

kikill responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback Rikaro.

The tutorial was boiled down to a minimum since I noticed that most of my 30 odd testers didn't bother to read them at all. So I illustrated some mechanics by introducing them through a simple level. Obviously this approach doesn't always work.

Yeah, the art style (if there is any at all ^^) is by a programmer (me) who just happens to have a smattering of artistic training. I put in there whatever good idea that came, never thinking much about consistency until reviewers like you pointed it out.

And the story - true, in a way it is recycling because it is supposed to make fun of the original Angry Birds game. The line "the birds are not angry, they are zombie" came to me one day. I thought it funny so I built a game around it. ^^

Finally, most of the items are there to provide a wide enough palette for would-be level designers through the level editor. Like many games with level editors, the given levels are in a way a tutorial for how to construct levels.

I don't want to get too mushy here, but feedback like this makes all the effort worthwhile. ^^

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
5:00 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other