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Zomby Birdy: Save de Pig

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Windy 5 Points

Solve 5 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Woody 5 Points

Solve 5 levels in Zomby Birdy

Reggicidal 10 Points

Solve 10 levels in Zomby Birdy

Spikey 10 Points

Solve 10 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Metallic 25 Points

Solve 15 levels in Zomby Birdy

Otherworldly 25 Points

Solve 15 custom levels in Zomby Birdy

Hasticidal 50 Points

Solve 20 levels in Zomby Birdy

Rocky 50 Points

Solve 25 levels in Zomby Birdy

Bombicidal 100 Points

Solve 30 levels in Zomby Birdy

Promethean 100 Points

Create a level in the Zomby Birdy Level Editor

Author Comments

What is it like to be on the other side of a catapult game? Turn the tables and play to protect the pigs against brain-hungry zombie birds. Features an extensive collection of fun objects, and an editor to create levels to your heart's content, then to share them with the rest of the world.

Drag and drop objects to thwart the zombie birds' desire for pig brains.


Please don't spam my inbox. If it had been a game that is similar to the one you got to me from, that might have been okay, but this is nothing like that.

kikill responds:

My bad. It's just that Zomby Birdy is essentially a blocks puzzle with physics. All my previous puzzles are about blocks and this latest is but an extension of my previous works. That's the connection with "Omino" for me hence I solicited your opinion. Thanks anyways. ^^

that is hard but is fun

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kikill responds:

Good to hear creeperman89!

I played the five first levels and i enjoeyd, and i'm sure i'll play more but for now i have to turn off my pc, thanks for telling about your new game, i really liked it and will add it to my favorites. The art is not perfect but the gameplay is nice and fun, that is the main point of games, good job! 5 stars

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kikill responds:


I was surprised by this game. Graphics are very fine and the game mechanics are very cool (for me). I though in this game you had to "suck" the pigs' brain but nop a big surprise for me. The only bad thing I've to say is about the level editor. I think it's very small, there are a lot of cool things on "official levels" but users can't use them. Anyway it's one of the best web games I've played. :-)

By the by, I love the soundtrack

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kikill responds:

Thanks a lot AngryBlonde!

You can zoom in and out of the level editor. The rest of the items can be seen by clicking the flip button on the bottom left of the buttons panel.

The music is from the talented and generous Kevin MacLeod. ^^

I think this had a pretty good premise. What I really liked about it was how you used the perspective flip. I do wonder why these birds are attacking those pigs. Well, there is a REALLY popular trailer that describes it, but this works well too. I think the artwork is good. The original characters in the game aren't that well detailed.

The sounds are pretty good. I like how crazy the birds sound. That one level I can't beat is the eighth one. I think catapult games are quite cool, especially ones that mix it up like this. At least I got past the first seven leves.

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kikill responds:

Pig brains are especially yummy from the fat content? ^_^

There is a walkthrough btw, the question mark button.
All the levels are reasonably solvable, just need a bit of patience. ^^

I'm glad that you appreciate all those details, especially the sounds since I had so much fun recording them. ^^

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
5:00 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other