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Some Kind Of Worm

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Hello. It's been three years since I animated something. Thought I'd get back into things.

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this was 1 minute long and still managed to be deliciously unsettling and funny. a modern classic of all time

Keep making more of these. I love the subtle direction and dark humor.

I'm honestly giving you 5 stars just for coming back.
I've been following your progress now for more than 6 years and I still chuckle (6 years ago I was laughing crazy with tears 'n everything, had my whole class of friends hooked up on your work).

First things first - why choose to color? At least from my POV, Slintas style is always using black & white colors to tell his epic story. Second - c'mon man, you need to keep your violence/profanity/rape level tuned to the max. Finally, your voice acting is absolutely delightful to listen to, but really - no swearing?

Actually, I remember you doing this animation before and it was far more nastier when I remember it. And speaking of your old animations - almost all of them are gone. And it makes me very sad. Gone are the adventures of banana and apple (CAMDY!), gone are the attempts of the young boy trying to get money for the new justin timberlake album (yo) and gone are many rape events (dying grandma). I remembered all this stuff vividly back in '08/09, but since now you removed your art, I can no longer re-visit and refresh my memories.

I understand that you might be embarassed of your work and you just had to take it out, but it still confuses me - why leave Mr Piss, but remove Mr Poop? Why show the whole story of Phil, but exclude all the other work? I mean really, it's like you decided to keep your best work removed and leave the more amateurish stuff on display.

Remember, you have us - fans, who still hold you dear in our hearts. It's not the quantity of how many people are following you - but the appreciation from us. You might be performing to an almost empty theatre audience - but we are here, and we will wait for more work. At least I will.

Sorry if this turned out to be more of an open letter, but I always take time to reply to your work and I almost never do that ANYWHERE else, because hey - you are a cool guy.

Cheers mate, hope everything goes well for you and we'll get to see more of your work!

- Dalius

Slintas responds:

First and foremost: WOW! What a review. So many questions, so little time.

(Why choose to color?) It really depends on the mood I'm in. If I'm feeling extra productive, I add color. You'll probably notice that my most disturbing work is colorless.

(Move deletion and such) To this day I still regret this stupid decision. But I have asked Tom if it's alright if I re-upload them. I still haven't decided if I should upload them one by one, or all of them inside a collection. I'm leaning towards the latter.

The reason I stopped coming here, stopped animating..Stopped everything really, was due to depression. Private matters, that to this day, still linger on. But reviews/open letters like this really put one hell of a smile upon my face, so thank you.

I still have tons of ideas for movies, so don't be surprised to see some of them surface soon.

Take care!

Bättre än så kan du Slintas ponken!

That was sick