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Treasure Keeper

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Author Comments

You are the dark lord of Mount Doom, and your fortress is on the outskirts of the Dead Forest, bathed in a wraith-like mist. The knights never used to travel this far, but now they want your gold and rubies, sapphires and diamonds. And they will not stop until they get it all.

The tables are turned in this tower defense game. Instead of preventing the bad guys from taking over your castle, you, gamer, are the bad guy, a dark lord protecting his looted treasure from being stolen by knights waving the banners of distant kings. Gameplay is a mix of skill, strategy, and luck. There are 20 levels, and each one is more difficult than the last. The layout of the game board changes from level to level, testing your skills at defense strategy.


Indeed, the game board changing each level - and different towers being available each time - made the game interesting :) The traps behaving as another kind of tower are also a nice change.
It has quite a few downsides, though. First, as someone mentioned, it doesn't save progress so I can't close it and continue later; I didn't even find a pause button! It's very basic in terms of features: there are no explanations about new turret types or new enemies, no achievements, no difference if you finish a level with all treasure in place or just one last piece somewhere along the map... Also no story inside the game, or even a "you win" screen. I think it does have potential, but it appears as if the changing maps and available towers had better be integrated into an existing tower defense game.

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Well pretty nice game.
I like the idea with the spells: You can collect them and use them when ever you need it.
First time i see something like this.

But it definitively need a global upgrade-system:
- Poison (tower + trap) : longer duration and/or more damage
- fire (tower + trap): more damage / chance to ignite enemy
- spike (tower + trap): damage / chance to cause bleeding
- more income: higher chance to find coins / spells
- goblins: they collected all the treasure and they will try to get it back after it got stolen.
Each upgrade-point will add another goblin (up to 5). Moving fast to the lost treasure,
being slow when carrying it. Enemies will take the treasure when they meet an goblin
at the path.
Upgrade-points: either with exp and leveling up or by giving stars if a level is finished without
loosing a treasure / it's even untouched.

Something like this would make the game way more interesting.

This game is actually pretty decent, although some design flaws just ruin it.

1: NO SAVE!!! WHY?!?!?!? Now that i wanted to take a break from this game i probably wont play it again because it erased all my progress!!
2. Too easy, this is also linked with the gameplay because the player is given very little freedom. You just place towers and once all the slots for building are filled you start upgrading them. Not much after that. Yes it is part of the gameplay, but maybe you could add a skill tree or a upgrade path system with multiple paths to choose to add a element of strategy to the game.
3. You have to pick up a faction of dropped money and spells yourself, this is kind of annoying by itself but because of the fact that the items vanish after a while makes this very annoying, and its necessary to pick up dropped money ASAP or else you lose it forever.

I likedplaying this game, waves are good, not too much cash so you have to think about what your going to build. Tho a continue butten would have been nice. over all i liked it. cheers :)

Never lose o.0
first knight taking treasure half way and the second sometimes is a bug
sometimes knight can move trough wall after taking the treasure
dead inside the wall and the treasure will inside the safe wall forever
Fix It or forget it

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Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
5:53 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense