Zombie Crypt 3

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Death from above 5 Points

Kill a zombie by making a Fatboy explode next to him

First steps 5 Points

Clear the first stage

Hit and run 5 Points

Kill a zombie by making a runner crash into him

Kabooom! 5 Points

Kill a zombie with a bomb

Shish kebab 5 Points

Kill a zombie with a spike trap

Sliced and diced 5 Points

Kill a zombie with a saw

Sneak attack 5 Points

Kill a zombie by throwing a bomb through a transporter

Surprise asshole! 5 Points

Kill a zombie by crushing him

Too much McDonalds 5 Points

Kill a fatboy

Up up and away 5 Points

Kill a zombie by shooting him into a trap

A horrible way to die 10 Points

Kill a zombie with Puke

An eye for an eye 10 Points

Make a Runner crash into a Fatboy

Chain reaction 10 Points

Make a runner crash into a Fatboy in mid-air

Jumper 10 Points

Launch a Zombie through a transporter

Stealth bomber 10 Points

Drop a Fatboy in a transporter

Synchronised Running 10 Points

Finish Stage 10 in 9 seconds or less

Waiting for the elevator 10 Points

Crush a zombie underneath a moving platform

Double Kill! 25 Points

Make a charger kill at least 2 zombies

Down but not out 25 Points

Stop a runner by stunning him

Killing Spree! 25 Points

Make at least 4 kills with a single runner

Sleep with the fishes 25 Points

Kill at least 2 zombies by lowering the water level

Synchronised Running II 25 Points

Finish stage 19 in 16 seconds or less

WTF just happened? 25 Points

Shoot a zombie through 2 different transporters without touching the floor

Clear World 1 50 Points

Clear all 9 stages from the Jungle

Clear World 2 50 Points

Clear all 9 stages from Desert

Clear World 3 50 Points

Clear all 9 stages from the Volcano

Author Comments

Zombie Crypt is back!

Navigate Gerald and Ronald through a jungle, a desert and a volcano in this crazy puzzle platformer. Play with 2 hands simultaneously, or play with a friend.

Can you find a way to kill all the zombies and reach the end of stage?

WASD - Move Gerald
Arrows - Move Ronald

S/Down - use/pickup/throw

Hold S/Down - drop item

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This is a very good puzzle game. I like it a lot!

I honestly love this, I like how there are two 'players', and love how there are different types of zombies. I don't usually love puzzle games or games like these, but this is an exception. Special abilities for players would of been great, though it's great without them. This will keep me entertained.

ThomSip responds:

glad you like it.

I like the game. I love zombie game and also puzzle games like portal so i was able a fit right in with this game. Also, i lked using the trap on the zombies and the diffrent zombie types (even though L4D already used many like them). I feel that it would be cool if each caracter had a special ability or tool (like one has a shovel to dig things up or even one is faster than the other). I also like how its like a 1.5 player game, you can play by yourself or have a friend control one person while you use the other.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the great feedback!

I know the zombie types aren't too original, but the behaviours just fit the puzzle style of the game so well that I couldn't resist.

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
3:32 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle