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Transmorpher 2

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Transmorpher 2 is a puzzle platformer game where you play as a shape-shifting creature. Explore an alien spaceship and absorb various creatures try to reach each exit and escape. You can use forms and abilities of absorbed creatures to pass various game levels, solve simple and interesting puzzles.

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that ship level was really fun. two issues the first bonus level the elevators stop working after you use them once and if you do the special levels out of order sometimes the level freezes and doesent load

good game and got all the medal :D

love the background music and warp zone levels :}

It looks great, controls work neatly, but it's so long-winded! I had expected more of a puzzle platformer, but there's no puzzle aspect whatsoever. The few crates and levers don't make up for that as they're few and far between, and it's automatically clear what you're supposed to do. Also, the non-returning platforms, leaving you stuck, were a bit of a nuisance. I understand it's supposed to make things a bit more difficult but the fact that you have infinite live immediately removes any additional difficulty. I just finished level 11 and the Shield Zone, and I do think I'll come back to finish this as I'm halfway already, but in all honesty I'd say it's too easy and monotonous.

Pretty good game, but with a few bugs. Fix it

Its like having the Omnitrix with unlimited use and only three other aliens instead of 10...
Hey! You should make 7 more aliens in it to make more difficult levels!