My Monster Ex's

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Johari appear! 5 Points

Get 5 clothes

Carmilla appear! 10 Points

Get 15 clothes

Paz appear! 10 Points

Get 30 clothes

Lucy appear! 25 Points

Get 45 clothes

Oups daddy comes! 25 Points

Get 60 Clothes

Happy ending, for you. 50 Points

Get all your clothes.

Super powa Chet!! 50 Points

Buy all the upgrades

Author Comments

You are Chet an antihero, a heartbreaker, in other words, a fuc$%& douche bag.
He has to collect all his clothes from his Does it sound easy? HAHAHAHA.
Try to escape alive. While your ex's attack you, you can accumulate money to
buy upgrades that make your life easier. (Think twice before you want to move with your girlfriend).

Good Luck with your Ex's.

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NEW VERSION 1.1!! 6/08/2013
Added one more medal, when you unlock all the Powerups.
When you get all your clothes the medal popup doesn't appear , but you still earning medal points. (To prevent FPS slowdown in some computers)


nice ladies :D

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There's six ex's, that includes the boy, or the dad whatever.

Special Attacks

Roxie: Magic Hands
Johari: String Shot
Carmilla: Bomber Bat
Paz: Timberwolf

???: Fire Trident
Medusa Sight freezes everybody.

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Overall, a good game!

Playing as the anti-hero -- not many games [that I've seen] have that concept! I like how the game itself progresses as you get more clothes/cash, and how you constructed the art-work. I also think you gave it a nice twist by including the father at the end. My only concern; would it be possible to access the power-ups section without dying?

Other then just that tidbit, it's an awesome game!

Hint: For those who can't seem to complete it, increasing your speed not only helps you dodge their special attacks, it also helps you hurry to catch the clothes, especially if you have the magnet

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Why this guy fucks monsters girls? Btw really nice game, 100% completed ;)

Very Addictive Game For Me!!

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Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2013
4:09 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other