My Monster Ex's

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Johari appear! 5 Points

Get 5 clothes

Carmilla appear! 10 Points

Get 15 clothes

Paz appear! 10 Points

Get 30 clothes

Lucy appear! 25 Points

Get 45 clothes

Oups daddy comes! 25 Points

Get 60 Clothes

Happy ending, for you. 50 Points

Get all your clothes.

Super powa Chet!! 50 Points

Buy all the upgrades

Author Comments

You are Chet an antihero, a heartbreaker, in other words, a fuc$%& douche bag.
He has to collect all his clothes from his Does it sound easy? HAHAHAHA.
Try to escape alive. While your ex's attack you, you can accumulate money to
buy upgrades that make your life easier. (Think twice before you want to move with your girlfriend).

Good Luck with your Ex's.

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NEW VERSION 1.1!! 6/08/2013
Added one more medal, when you unlock all the Powerups.
When you get all your clothes the medal popup doesn't appear , but you still earning medal points. (To prevent FPS slowdown in some computers)


A solid game with simple controls, a straight forward storyline, humorous sound effects, and a main character with a badass slide. Oh, and of course, power ups. I enjoyed it. Strong work.

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Near 65-70 clothes this game is too hard. When 3 or more powers are started you just have to take one hit.
The freeze is as useless, you can't pass trough some purple items when you're stuck, you can just make them falling.
Hitbox of purple items appears tto me too big, with fast shoots of the girls you are obliged to lose 1 life.

Your game is far too be perfect, I only like the concept of items to avoid/take.

As you show to us: "we only merit the death when we make any infidelity", and I would add that it works for both sexes. :)

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what the f***k did i just play?

Very tight controls, never experienced any lag myself aside from the first time a new ex was introduced, but after the first introduction it would run fine through their re-introduction. All in all the difficulty is a bit extreme in the late game, especially when all five ex's and Satan are all firing off special attacks.

My only recommendation is just to limit the special attacks to one or two at a time, and maybe limit who can use specials at the same time. But other than that, very solid game, even though I can't beat it. :)

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I kinda liked it. The visuals were appealing, the gameplay was tight, in some way challenging, had a well planed upgrading system and a fair difficulty curve.


What kept me from giving this game a solid 4.5/5 was the poor optimisation. I found myself being killed due to performance issues one too many times. A game can be as good as it wants: If it fails at optimization and thus has a bad performance, it, unfortunately, affects the entire project negatively. That is sad, because otherwise, this game is realy GOOD.
I hope that you will fix this in your next projects, because you have realy shown some promise with this one.

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3.95 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2013
4:09 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other