Adorith:The Stolen Crysta

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The mayor of Adorith, your father, has a dark secret but peril is at hand and there is little time for that now for a beast has stolen the town's crystals in the night and you must recover them to ensure the town's safety.

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Its ok, fun while it lasted. Although it was very easy to beat, the levels were the same thing over and over; using the high-low blue platform technique to make jumps that are impossible otherwise and airjumping for crystals and over lava. The levels were also pretty short. Im kinda surprised there were only 45 considering alot of them took under a minute and some even under half a minute or 20 seconds to pass.

It's simple, calm.
But about controls, something misses.

A fun, cute game

Well thought out overall, game wise--some levels need thought, some just need good control.

I did notice, though, on the levels where there is not base under the goal, the game would think you died once you reached there even if you had all 3 crystals and it did the "GOAL" animation.
For instance, on the last level, I found that if you walked off the platform, and did the jump when you were right to the left of the lava platform, you could get both crystals and reach the goal. However, it would just repeat the level. In order to win, you had to do the jump right in the right place in the middle of the lava block.

Maybe this is intentional, or maybe it is related to the area of the goal you touch to make it suck you in. On the few levels it did this on, though, I was really sad because it made it seem as if it was discouraging thinking outside the box.

all of that intro just to jump around and collect crystals?

Not bad, the controls are touchy and there are moves or abilities that are not clear at all.

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2013
1:09 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other