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Game Grumps: Sad Hoshi

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had to animate this after hearing it on Game Grumps!

Original Ep: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=N7mFEAyzH0M

http://www.youtube.com/us er/EpilepticEmus

https://twitter.com/Epile pticEmus

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oh so sad :c

While it wasn't really much of an animation as much as it is an animatic, the drawings were still greatly drawn. The Game Grumps Sad Hoshi bit is funny and so you did a decent job as your interpretation of how Sad Hoshi would look really fits the voice.

EpilepticEmus responds:

yeah i guess most game grumps animateds are more animatic, even the ones on the channel lol. Anyway thanks for the review!

It's good, but I think you should have gone on with the clip, you know, into the "GOD HOSHI! YOU FUCKED UP!" and "Oh yeah, You go to third grade!". There was a lot more stuff in that clip then you used. But still a good animation.

EpilepticEmus responds:

yeah i was going to add that part in originally, but it was taking too long and i figured it would probably be better as a separate video. thanks for the review!

Minus .5 for monochrome. Otherwise amazing!