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Pan Man

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Author Comments

Flip some pancakes to make it to the top of the world. But is flipping cakes all there is in life?

A short game from us as our monthly game done in two days.

Flip some!

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why cant i launch it in newgrounds player?

i first played this game about 2 years ago. i'm not sure what happened in between, but i guess my fine motor skills improved much more and i was able to get the ending. the ending made me so sad lol but a nice game anyways

i got like 44k on the first round lol

i should have listened to the author comments

Haha Funny little game, and end kind of dark message shows futility of life. But One Point guys with billions and even trillions in top score that is literally impossible unless some kind of hack is used.How is Newgrounds is no concerned by that unless they consider hacking some kind of Kobayashi Maru thing. ;)