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There's A Birdemic 2 !?!?

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I started making a cartoon about stamper and sprinkles but then kinda changed the ending so the fact that stamper and sprinkles are in it is irrelevant now which kinda makes me feel bad for using them for this piece of shite. Oh well.
Voiced by Quietstealth
Animated by paradoxcamel

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sprinkles came back from the dead!aaahhhhhhh!

It was different

paradoxcamel responds:

Oh crap It's Weyland I better hide my Xenomorph before they use it for evil, Quickly Bishop follow me we're going on a magical adventure.

Thanks for the four stars dude.

I guess I don't get the reference....

If the "You wanna hear a secret" joke, is a reference for another animation here, I salute you!

It makes no sense.... perfection!