Goggleyes 2

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Sequel of original match3 game. Group bubbles to get more points, avoid to get too many sleeping bubbles and gain achievements to get great score! Colorful graphic and funny music make this game sweet and fascinating.
Double click to pop three or more bubbles. Drag bubbles to increase group of same color. You can swap bubbles if only they form a group of three or more. You can't move sleeping bubbles.

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Pretty fun at the start, but it's slow to move and slow to pop, and puts massive stops in the fun.

Like a twist on TOS/P&P, where you pop the bubble whenever you want. However, there's not much thinking involved, if you think about it, you try to line all bubbles of the same colour within a vicinity, to ensure that twos or ones don't get stuck/become useless later, so .5 star off for that. 1 star off for not trying hard enough in the design, titling and art.

I love this game! Very cute animation and the game play is very addicting, both with the medals and in-game achievements!

The best part of this game is most of the Medals actually require skill to achieve. Many games give medals far too easily.

The 'worst' part is it's not clear how to play properly at the start resulting in many players saying it's boring. There should be a basic strategy guide included. Most people quit after one try if they don't understand. I might be daft but it took me 3 full games to learn these basics:

Move all the balls into color groups until you have as close to every ball of ONE color together and then pop them. Every time you pop any balls, you get more grey Xs and more balls go to sleep.

Only use bombs to destroy the grey Xs at the BOTTOM of the screen. Any other use is a waste. Try to surround the bomb with grey Xs before popping it. Bombs have the added benefit of waking up sleeping balls.

It is vital to be able to plan 3 moves ahead when collecting colors together as often once you move a ball, you can't move it back if it was a mistake. It is normal to stare at the screen for 5 minutes without doing anything, just planning.

This is a really well made game. Not simplistic at all.

pretty addicting once you get the hang of the idea

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2013
9:43 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other