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miniPassage 2

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Three perilous paths to pick, all leading through imminent death and worse. Will infinite life allow you to cheat your trap filled passage?


loved it. at first I didn't get what we were doing but that's funny. good game wish there was a bit more to it and or you had a way of making your own maps, but really good game other wise.

i honestly don't see the point of this game..
all you do is jump and walk forward, you cant die and you cant upgrade..
there are only 3 levels...

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Easy concept, but why make the mouse click jump? I would rather press up arrow or space, not have to click a button on the screen. With a limited amount of levels there really isn't much to offer. With one move and no real penalty for hitting dangerous object there really is no point to the game.

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Hmm... pretty simple game. Sort of kinda decent, but could be better by having a variety of controls (dash,slide maybe...). Um, I earned points by getting hurt and avoiding dangerous obstacles, then there is not much point in dodging because I earned points anyway. Also, the game didn`t keep track on any scores..... Well I`m pretty sure the sequel would be improved by the butt-load of suggestions on the reviews before me. So good try anyway!

This game is not fun my to side of view. I can't control the character so this game saddens me. Just being Honest.

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2013
12:31 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other