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Ok, so I have a few things to say about this one. I started this little short around the same time as the rock climbing cartoon and finished them both around the same time.

I dont know why I waited so long to submit this, I was going to submit it sooner but then i forgotted...

Ironically, I suffered the same fate as my character at the very end during a very recent trip. Thus, I predicted my own ailment.

Song is Take Five by Dave Brubeck


Ahahahaha oh my god. Short but pretty funny. Lol which character's fate did you share?

intestines responds:

I think I caught a mild case of dysentery on a recent trip lololol

having diarrea every few minutes wasnt fun :P

WHAT THA FFFFFF did I just watch....hahahahahahahahaha wow!!

intestines responds:

you watched something retarded! :D

Great movie man, way funnier than I expected, but at the end the giant climatic dump he takes is so loud compared to the rest of the animation. Other than that, a pleasant surprise!

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intestines responds:

LOL it was intentional but I'm glad u enjoyed it :3

Wut. just... what the actual shit... also how did I know he was gonna be gay? XD I like the art style, and my little sister loved the bathroom humor so everyone wins! nice job mate.

intestines responds:

lol the gaydar is strong with this one :P
I made this cartoon as a sort of homage to don hertzfeldt, and I think that worked quite nicely.
Glad ur sister liked the shittiest part of the flash, so im happy :3


intestines responds:

Thanks man!

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Jul 29, 2013
12:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Original