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Taking a Stand

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Thank for front page (first page)

It's about a milkman and a kid selling lemonade.

Here's a short I conceptualized, recorded, and storyboarded at 3 in the morining one night. Due to that fact, this will either be the funniest thing you'll see today, or the unfunniest. But it'll probably end up being neither. It didn't occur to me until halfway through animating that this is basically one of those "Shape n' Shape" toons that everyone was making back in 2009. It must've been some kind of subconscious decision because I really like those and I always wanted to make one back when they that were popular.

Anyway let me know what you think and vote and all that.


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That was quite good. I think it deserved its Underdog Of The Week award. I'm trying to make that a compliment. I like how these guys look so different. I guess the milkman is just some triangle shaped...thing. That stand joke was pretty good.

He had a pretty bad comeback. It was interesting to wonder what he'd list next. We don't really see lemonade stands anymore. I don't know if they were ever popular to begin with. The voice work was great too.

I absolutely loved your video Brewster. I loved the pun at the end of the video, but the dialog could have been a bit stronger, All in all, I loved every second. FYI to all; A Milk man is like a Paper Boy, But instead of delivering Newspapers, Milk man delivers milk. Get the point?

WTF is a milk man?

Brewster responds:

Maaaaan I dont EVEN know

1st off, I really enjoyed this! As many have already said, the sound was sometimes too loud or too low. Other than that I really enjoyed the voice acting and SFX. The bugs bunny inspired "Gettouttaheeea" was very unexpected (maybe slightly out of place) but I still liked it. Your humor is well paced and actually funny.... lots of talent my friend - keep up the good work!!

Brewster responds:

Thanks! Yeah I've been trying to improve my sound levels recently. Glad you enjoyed the toon.

Oh I remember seeing this from a few months ago! I like the dry sarcastic kind of humor in this movie as well as some of your other work I tend to notice. Animation looks original as I said before and yeah good stuff!


Brewster responds:

thanks a lot man

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Jul 28, 2013
11:49 PM EDT
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