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Here is a fully animated rendition of Zero Punctuation's review of Wolfenstein 2009.
Based on Yahtzee Croshaw's review here:


Holleeee shit that was a nice rhyme dude it just kept going, and the animation though not full of detail still helped get the point across.

whenever i see anything saying wolfenstein i smack something on my desktop and yell "yeeaaah! fuck yeah!" so that's why i clicked it.

i gotta say that i agree with a lot you said. i remember that wolfenstein series does include demons and mystical items so i'm okay with that. i believe it suffers from the metroid other m problems with the expectations set too high. back in it's day, it was one of the only first person shooters out there but now it has to compete with medal of honor, call of duty, halo, team fortress 2, etc... and i think it's those high expectations that it has general low ratings.

i just wish hans grosse wasn't the final boss. i wanted to see all the bosses to at least make cameo appearences. i would have like to see trans grosse, dr. shabbs, ubermutant, death knight, and all the loveable characters. but none of those nazies based on actual nazies. i like it better when id creates their own unique characters. although i did like mecha hiter.

i think what it really needs is speed. general speed. if you could move around faster, respond faster, and relied on reactions rather than puzzles to defeat bosses that would be much better. that's what i liked about wolfenstein. it kept those elements separated between the bosses and the hidden keys and dungeons you need to figure out. i hope i explained myself correctly about that part.

i haven't played it but i have seen a lot of walkthroughs and it reminds me a lot of that captain america movie. the hydra soldiers looked like they were using that energy stuff the nazis were using. that was just bugging me in my head. and also the game came out first. now that i think about it, do you think william b.j. blazkowitz would be a great captain america? and is he even american? i'm sure after killing hitler we'd make him president but that name kind of sounds polish. could you tell me if you know?

well i think i should just wrap this up right about now. i agree with your review but i do see problems. there is nothing wrong with miiquels when done right. it's on par with metroid: other m. i think you might have discriminated it because it was a first person shooter and there are too many around but that's up to you. if you didn't and you still gave it 2 stars regardless then i would like to know.

well, even if i will repeat myself, by saying that this is a no punctuation film reanimated in flash, i must say, ITS A GOOD ANIMATION. and especially since it hard to even recreate something as fluid and as fastly animated as the frantic ''no punctuation''. yahtzee does it fast, and cruel, and you did an EPIC job at re-animating this thing from scratch.

and if someone wonders ''why doing that?''
i would reply: ''why not?''

you've animated all the sequences and the animation agas perfectly, and you drew the characters greatly. a good animation about NP, and a great trubute to it.
nicely done!

ps. did you drew the characters( f.e yahtzee) , or did you used sprites?
either way, awesome!

keep it up

kdanielss responds:

I used screencaps to capture the proportions of the figures and the imps, after that everything is drawn from either reference or my head.

I love ZP and I do like animation so yeah... here is 5 stars

Brilliant, you use animation to do what Yahtzee couldn't in still frames. Recommended viewing for everyone who is a fan of Zero Punctuation!

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Jul 26, 2013
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