Color Runner 0.1

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My First Flash game. We all got to start somewhere, right? Made with Stencyl.

Arrow keys to move. Holding <up> makes you jump higher. Can wall slide on vertical surfaces. Can slide off slanted surfaces.

6 platforming levels with running, jumping, and wall sliding.

Edit: Fixed the resolution so that it is no longer stretched. Looks a lot better now...

Edit 2: Here is a walkthrough if anyone gets stuck: (delete spaces)
https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=lMu680j05jU&featur e=c4-overview&list=UUuY2z KaPjRFz3bik5IxmYVw


This is really fun and addictive. Very challenging.

Good game!Just make the controls less slippery :)

This game is actually pretty good for a first time. It's short and it's actually fun to play. The controls are a little slippery at some point. And that's, for a first game made ever, worth half a star. But, no music nor sound effects? Half a star. But it's still a pretty fun game.

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I like the game, it's very fun and simple. The difficulty is fine to me as far as the level format. The issue is the controls. The jump's height is the same, so if I lightly press up it's the height is the same as holding up. I believe applying how high the jump is helps because I don't like jumping high all the time. Another one is the sliding, it's that the character slides too fast and there are some levels where I have to jump on a sliding platform but I die before I can jump again because I slide down too fast. Other then that I enjoy this game and look forward to seeing the progression. Good luck.

BodoFragins responds:

I can't really do much about the jumping because that's how jumping works in Stencyl games (every Stencyl platformer I know of has the same problem...) :(

I can do something about the sliding though. I'm working on a longer version of the game, and I'll look into fixing the sliding so it's less punishing. ;)

simple, challenging, fun. its great! i only wish there were more levels.

BodoFragins responds:

This was a test build. I'm working on something longer... ;)

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2.86 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2013
12:54 AM EDT
Skill - Other