Let's Play Potions

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Author Comments

The Game:
Mix potions and watch the effect on the sorceress.
Try to find the good sequence for sexy rewards :)

-Choose 1st potion, choose 2nd potion, choose 3rd potion and click on the cauldron. Watch the result.

Special Recipes:
- Red Question mark : You have found a good costume
- Exclamation mark : Clik on it! You have combine the good pet (background character) with the good costume. Watch special event.
- 3 Exclamations marks (appears during special event): Clik on it! You have found the perfect recipe : Costume + Pet + Background.


Update August 2013: Testing the medal system


Simple artwork, but still enjoyable. Plenty of little hidden easter eggs to keep things entertaining. The music is a bit repetitive, but no badly so. Content is slightly lacking. While there are a number of combos for backgrounds, costumes, and pets, out of the massive range offered, the number of combos is tiny.

That said, it seems the farm girl on the farm should have some sort of result. Though I'm not sure what.

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MrPinku responds:

Thanks for comment :)
This is a demo version, that is why content is a little weak.
Deluxe version is in preparation :)

This is my new Fav GAME!

MrPinku responds:

thanks :)

You games are always creative, that probably their best "selling" point. Since your taking suggestions I figured I'd try to sneak in some of my own ideas:

1. In some of the special areas you can find new ingredients to add to the mix, like in the forest there is that mushroom. These items can be reused much like the potions for many new and fun outcomes, all without increasing the amount of potions you need to have at the start.

2. Sleeping Beauty + Castle + Horny Prince = Before waking the princess with a kiss, this prince has a bit of fun with her.

3. Native American Woman + Forest + Sneaky Kid = As the woman is looking at the mushroom the sneaky kid comes from behind her and makes use of her position to have some fun.

4. Hot Teacher + Classroom + Nerdy Kid = Kid stops time with an invention, and uses the chance to have some fun with his hot teacher.

I have plenty more ideas, but I'll just put these up for now. Keep up the good work!

MrPinku responds:

Thanks for comment and suggestion :)
For 1. It might be a little bit difficult to program and can make the game too hard I think (a lot of scene will be added with new pets and backgrounds so combination will be harder to find..).
For 2. I keep it in mind.
3. American woman is not finished yet, but the scene is already made.
American Woman + Teddy bear :)
4. Good Idea! It will be integrated to Deluxe version :)

Fun game, Systematically challenging making the "reward" all the more fun. I enjoy the cartoonish nature and of course would like to see more "rewards", As for suggestions, the ones you stated in the previous RE: to @Matsuni where very enjoyable ideas. Of course being the freak I am I'd also like ot see maybe some tenticals or a gangbangs; but that's just me. Anyways, I enjoy your content and encourage you to finish your games more often!

Castle Combos
BRB - Pink kat
BGB - Wonder Woman
GBY - Nun
GRB - Exsposed Top
GYY - Eve
GYR - Hula
YGY - Pokahontis Bent over (front Veiw)

YBG - Forest:
YBY - Blue House
YRB - Cave
YBR - GraveYard
YBG - Woods

RBB - Cat Wizerd
RRB - Puppet
RBY - Alien
RBR - Dog
RBG - Rock

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For sure very fun and funny. Definitely need to work on polishing it, adding more costumes, and some different music. Otherwise, pretty enjoyable game. Keep up the good work.

-Orange Boy

MrPinku responds:

Thanks :)

And I am very bad at polishing :(
Any polish suggestion or help is welcome (Better graphics? Menu? Button order? ???).
Maybe that is the "MrPinku" style :)

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Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2013
12:01 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other