Let's Play Potions

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Author Comments

The Game:
Mix potions and watch the effect on the sorceress.
Try to find the good sequence for sexy rewards :)

-Choose 1st potion, choose 2nd potion, choose 3rd potion and click on the cauldron. Watch the result.

Special Recipes:
- Red Question mark : You have found a good costume
- Exclamation mark : Clik on it! You have combine the good pet (background character) with the good costume. Watch special event.
- 3 Exclamations marks (appears during special event): Clik on it! You have found the perfect recipe : Costume + Pet + Background.


Update August 2013: Testing the medal system


Nice! but what's the name of the music? by the way, can you make a cut the rope adult game?

I love the music can it be made into a mp3?

EVENT Rock Warrior(rbg) + Nun(gby) - throws a bomb, knock nun, reveals white panties
PERFECT EVENT Dungeon(ybb) + Rock Warrior(rbg) + Nun(gby) - explode bomb with candle, burning panties
EVENT Alien(rby) + Jungle blonde(gyy) - Jerks off, dissolves bra, shows tits
PERFECT EVENT Forest(ybg) + Alien(rby) + Jungle blonde(gyy) - turns alien into log, rides log
EVENT Cat Wizard(rbb) + Wonder Woman(bgb) - Hulk punches her
PERFECT EVENT Cave(yrb) + Cat Wizard(rbb) + Wonder Woman(bgb) - cast thunder, reflect and make her masturbates
EVENT Pinnochio(rrb) + Teen Pigtail Redhead(brb) - gets her to strip
EVENT Dog(rbr) + Hula girl(gyr) - dog dances on a pig, girl falls asleep, upskirt pussy view
bbb COSTUME Dress Classy teal
bbr COSTUME Black Afro
bbg COSTUME Cheerleader Blonde
bby WTF Blowfish?
brb EVENT Teen Pigtail Redhead
brr WTF Hey Al?
brg WTF Cop
bry COSTUME Teal Bikini Bigtits
bgb COSTUME Wonder Woman
Cat Wizard - Hulk punches her
bgr WTF Monty Python Foot
bgg COSTUME French Maid
bgy COSTUME Black Tribal Afro (almost nude)
byb COSTUME Dress Classy seethrough
byr WTF Old Man
byg COSTUME Farm girl Blond
byy COSTUME Corsette black
rbb PET Cat wizard?
rbr PET Dog?
rbg PET Rock Warrior?
rby PET Alien
rrb PET Pinnochio
rrr COSTUME Blue Demon (part nude)
rrg COSTUME Tennis
rry WTF Igor?
rgb COSTUME Dress Classy red
rgr COSTUME Slave Leia
rgg COSTUME Dress Asian red
rgy COSTUME Blonde
ryb COSTUME White
ryr WTF Pig
ryg COSTUME Cowgirl (almost nude)
ryy COSTUME Dress Asian blue
gbb COSTUME Alien Triboobs teal
gbr WTF Stan?
gbg WTF Drunk Dude
grb COSTUME Straps fall off (part nude)
grr WTF black dude?
grg COSTUME Harry Potter
gry COSTUME Hippie
ggb COSTUME Tattered dress (almost nude)
ggr WTF retarded potato kid?
ggg COSTUME Robe Culty black
ggy WTF couldron disappears
gyb WTF Picasso
gyr COSTUME Hula girl
gyg WTF Flying cat?
gyy COSTUME Jungle blonde
ybb BACKGROUND Dungeon
ybr BACKGROUND Graveyard
yrr COSTUME Dress Classy green
yrg COSTUME Dress Asian green
yry COSTUME Nurse
ygb COSTUME Pink dress Blonde
ygr COSTUME Catwoman
ygg WTF Grey dude?
ygy COSTUME Indian (almost nude)
yyb WTF Hag
yyg COSTUME Normal Woman
yyy COSTUME Schoolgirl

This review is insanely well received!

The games my friends link me sometimes... I swear.
Well I see the merits of it, you use a calm and relaxing music too. I just guess I'm not it's target audience, which is perfectly fine! In fact it's great to know that people are making thoughtful content even if it's not the type I'm inclined to peruse on a general basis. It's far better than all those 'games' where you push a button one or twice to see 'things' happen... which could be better submitted as a movie flash.

Keep creating, it's great that you're expressing yourself ^.^

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waiting for the update :D ....a full version,thankx,the game is cool :)

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Jul 23, 2013
12:01 PM EDT
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