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Cloud Wars - SD Extreme

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Author Comments

A serious challenge appears! In this extreme Strategy game, the clouds are in an all out war. Clouds have different power, based on their weather conditions.

if you can't handle it, play the original first:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/613505

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I never saw this game back in the day when I first started with cloud wars and I am glad. This one is designed to be unfair. It is not "extreme" the AI literally starts with all the tools to immediately destroy you. It's just a matter if the AI chooses to attack you or randomly throw their clouds at others.

This game is good, but I would appreciate it if you could make the levels a bit easier.

FlappyB responds:

You can play the other Cloud Wars. This one is Extreme, specifically designed to be hard. ;)

Much to hard. Limit the amount of actions of the cpu.

this isnt challenging this is impossible! i dont like games with hard handicaps, but rather use of skill...its really frustrating how much advantages ai has...

This game is a serious downgrade from the previous game. The last one was really fun and mellow. This one is supposed to be a challenge when it is more like just frustration. Its more like getting smeared and not having a chance.