Retaliation C

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Please watch the entire collaboration before rating. Animation quality and style may vary throughout. Thanks! :)

The animations in Retaliation Collaboration C were made for the 2nd round of 3 of the NewGrounds Stick Showdown Competition 2011 in the Animation forum.
Round 2 - Beginner Category : AlfaAnims, Johobo2, Monkeyman12344
Additional intro and outro animation by -Hawk- (TeamXHawk)

Our theme for round 2 is "Retaliation". This is the story of Jack Harrison, a man who seeks vengeance after his brother was murdered by the Ash Mafia.

Don't forget to check out our new "Review" section in the menu if you're a fan of the competition. You get to see who wins and why and maybe learn a thing or two if you're an aspiring animator. :)

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Hey one question, is the Newgrounds Stick Showdown still not finished? Where's Retaliation A and B parts? Is the tournament or collab dead?

TeamXHawk responds:

Thanks for showing interest, shahryar! There were some troubling events around the time which led to the remaining material not being released. I still have some plans of finishing the collabs and releasing them, but, unfortunately, as far as I know, the team has kind of fallen apart. Some of us, for instance, have went on to college or graduated and gone into jobs.
Don't give up hope, though. You never know! ;) I do have a lot of guilt about not finishing these.

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Jul 21, 2013
7:24 PM EDT