Game Grumps 2 Trailer

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It seems like Newgrounds isn't quite as big on Game Grumps as YouTube is, but I figured I might as well upload this since it was already finished.

But I have now finished my "finale" Grumps video (which is on YT and I will upload here at some point), and now I'm gonna focus on different projects.


Can this actually be a thing? I know this was released in 2013 but can we make it happen?

Have you finally chosen to accept Jon Jafari as your lord and savior?

This is a really good animation. A lot of easter eggs to find and enjoy, and the entire thing had me thinking I was watching an actual movie trailer. If this came out in theaters, I'd probably watch it.
I dug the art style, too. Suited the Grumps very well.
Nice job, all around.

"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough."?
That's a reference to Tanith Low from the Skulduggery series isn't it! :O

Good flash, very funny. Needs more Grump.

whos the last guy that says you can join if you`re hard enough? and which episode is he in?

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Pause balls, go up the stairs. Pause balls, go down the stairs. It's the best strategy in the game~
Hilarious video and I love all the easter eggs in it. It's animated well and is just awesome!

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Jul 20, 2013
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