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Destroyer of Slimes 25 Points

Complete all levels

Completionist 50 Points

Collect all stars

Author Comments

Defend yourself against the evil slimes! Rebalanced, hopefully better this time.

Have fun!

-Press shift to quickly buy towers


make it to where you cant sell the power thing

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nice game! very fun!

Very nice game

Really enjoyed playing this game, thank you for making it and sharing!

- I really like the feature of being able to direct towers' AI as close, low HP, or left. It would be really nice to highlight all towers of one type and issue them the same command (e.g. "target left").

- It would be nice to be able to either turn off Sound Effects and/or Music independently; e.g. if I wanted to listen to the game sounds but play my own music.

- I like that most towers show their upgrade level through the color of the gem at the top-left. Shouldn't Self-powered towers also have this feature?

- As it currently stands, the Gold Collectors don't really make any sense to upgrade unless you're totally out of room to build more towers. That is, the upgrade costs more than building a new tower of the same type, with the same gold return per minute. I think for these towers to be the most compelling strategically, their gold/minute return should increase slightly every minute they're on the board.

- Slow towers might be more compelling if they give a 2-second slow to slimes starting once they leave the block, rather than just slowing slimes that are in contact with the Slow block.

- Only pseudo glitch I came across some times is that building a block on the top row would sometimes prevent you from building blocks in other locations following that.

- Other potential Tower ideas might include (1) a mazing block that slimes would run an interior lap inside before exiting on the side they first touched it then continuing on their way, (2) buff towers that increase fire rate or range or damage of towers in range, (3) towers that have a % chance to stun the slime they attack.

- Other potential Slime ideas might include (1) kamikaze slime that detonates, destroying the first block it encounters, (2) drill slimes that eat the first piece of dirt wall they encounter [if any], (3) medic slimes that go slowly and heal nearby slimes.

- I would really enjoy a "bonus round" where it's just a blank / flat board and like 40 waves before a "damage test" regular hero slime that can't be killed but just walks the board and saves your high score for most damage dealt to it (followed by a flying damage test just for good measure).

- Another way to start a given level could be clicking on the "Wave 1" box on the left. That's what I instinctively tried to do a bunch of times, but kept going back to the skull button at the far right.

- A pretty big strategy game-changer would be "air bubble" blocks that let you build on top of them but don't block slimes pathing, which could let you create interior mazes.

Great game. After getting 75% of the stars, I figured out it was pretty easy to cheeze your way through all but flying boss levels by selling all your starting towers including the base and then just placing full stacks of Self-powered Turrets every other column. Self-powered Turrets are kind of OP anyways; their second upgrade is the exact same cost and damage as a regular light turret, which makes the latter kind of pointless.

I really enjoyed the difficulty of level 21. My strategy to finally kill the last enemy involved selecting Rocket Launcher + Slowing Trap + Anti-air Turret + Gold Collector + Self-powered Turret.

Really novel tower defense concept, great job!

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I love this take on TD, I THANK YOU

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4.14 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2013
9:49 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense