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Retrology - Fire Slug

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-Disclaimer: Don't worry folks, there is animation in this submission. We're just trying some new things to make more exciting content that connects with the viewer. Hope you enjoy!-

Welcome to the world of Retrology, where not a whole lot makes sense...but we don't really care eitheway.

Jason Lord- HEYSUEZO
Brandi Stone- Nitrogoblin


Ever wonder what those fire slugs do in their free time waiting for Link? Neither do we, but it is fun to think of what the actual interaction that the Hero of Time had with these things...

You can check out more Retrology (and stupidity) here:

-Esty (Eastbeast)-
Hey guys, this is a quick commission I did for the group Retrology, be sure to check them out!
I did the animation of Koji and the two minute cartoon. If anyone is interested in an animation commission, be sure to drop me a pm! ;) I was glad to be on board this project and hope you enjoy.

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Funny vid nice one

funny I liked it

hm.. So I felt like it started a bit too slow. It wasn't horrible at first or anything.. just slow. The animation itself really picked things up though and it just got better and better. I didn't expect to laugh, but the fire slug was just.. funny. XD

The ending was a littllleeee lame. :P But I liked it. :3

Overall I'd say you have a unique formula and I think it's cool and it could work, but it just needs a little work.

Suezo's face is the exact face that my fiance gives me when I have a really stupid realization as well XD at 48 seconds

This was pretty damn good. I like the live action and animation interaction. It's a really nice segue to the animation to follow. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2013
2:07 AM EDT

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