Lil' Pixel Buddy

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Author Comments

Jump, dodge, and challenge yourself to complete 15 levels on this simplistic addicting platformer! Precise timing, quick reflexes, and patience are the keys to winning this tricky game!

This is my second attempt using Stencyl! I hope you guys enjoy the game!


Good game but my internet is crap so LAG IN AN 8-bit GAME!

DevThomas responds:

I'm sorry to hear about your internet troubles! I hope they get resolved! Thanks for playing my game McNibs!

There really isn't nothing new. It's just another platformer, and the main character's a pixel. You mentioned that level 14 would've been pretty much impossible if you didn't make it so that the pixel was able to stand on the left side of the spiked blocks. You probably shouldn't have added that at all. I still had a fun time with it, though. It's a good game.

DevThomas responds:

Yeah I guess you're right. I needed to be just little more original than I was. But thanks for playing my game!

This is what I call a good platformer game. Why? The levels are not too easy and not too hard. It has good music and controls and it's simple to understand the basic mechanics. I love this thing.

DevThomas responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed my game! Thanks for rating and playing!

Nice but pretty hard game! :)
I had some trouble with some leves, especially 14 ... it seems as if you can not really land on the red blocks at the beginning but more on the spikes to their left. Confused me a lot but it was alright when I found out.

Nicely done! The ending also made me giggle.

DevThomas responds:

Haha thank you! Yeah the hitbox was actually done on purpose for the spike on the left of the box... if it would have been an equal hitbox between the two spikes the level would have been impossible ;)! And I'm glad you made it to the ending!

Its an ok platformer. Hard but not terribly so, took me about 10 min to finish. I agree with lordgreyii below as far as criticisms go.

Also the falling platforms at least on stage 14 don't kill you when they stop at the spikes. Not sure if this was intended or a bug. Also, as stated the right side spike hit boxes were off on this level.

Keep up the good work though. It really had that "I Wanna Be The Guy" feel at certain points.

DevThomas responds:

Ha thanks Rockbridge for reviewing my game! I believe I'm going to make an update to fix my game!

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Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2013
11:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop