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Yepi's Journey

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Join Yepi in his newest adventure! Overcome deadly aliens, asteroids and gravity as you launch your way out of the hostile planet. Use your friends and awesome upgrades.

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Weirdly disturbing game. Some stuff doesn't even looks like it fits the game. Other then that a simple game with nothing that interesting to offer.

This is a fairly decent launch game, but it seems a bit rushed, which is why I took off 1.5 stars. Here are some things that I think could've been improved upon before release:

-No ability to deactivate upward thrust mid-flight for maneuverability.
-Boosts were not clearly labelled on the HUD as to how many were left or their duration.
-The sounds get very annoying after awhile, and they don't loop seamlessly. In fact, it sounds like they were looped with complete disregard for quality. After a flight, the coin sound specifically gets irritating.
-Upgrades were not incentivizing enough
-The achievement system needs a lot of work. The 'land safely after reaching 1000m' achievement didn't appear until after my upgrades had me above first asteroid belt. That meant navigating back down without enough armor to make it worthwhile. Also, having 4 achievements at a time to work on is a bad idea. I eventually landed all the way from earth, and only received the two landing achievements on screen, and then a 5000m one replaced it. Even though I had just landed from over 5000m, the achievement was not satisfied. There needs to be a check to determine if any subsequent achievements have been completed after a flight.

While I won't accuse of plagiarism, this was essentially a less-involved, unpolished version of Into Space. Nothing about it really stated that it was trying to be its own brand.

Another launch game, but with the addition of guns to fight enemy ships with.

It's really annoying how the descriptions of shop items are animated so you have to wait a second and can't just see the descriptions immediately as you scroll around.

BUG? As soon as the fuel is empty the animation stops, except for the eyes of Yepi, who is still blinking. But everything else doesn't work and nothing happens.

music reminds me of the sims