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SME: My Dad the Rock Star

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Author Comments




after reading some of the reviews... you don't expect us to write a serious review, in which WE put effort, when it's more than obvious that you put no effort into creating this video yourself? (At least it seems so. I mean, the 'author comments' like say it all.)

You know, there are wonderful and disturbing videos out there, which are pretty fucked up and make the watcher think "what... the actual fuck?" But this isn't what happens here. Here, you just get annoyed, because of the voice, the effortless stringing together of pictures and... seriously, it's just like you put some pictures up and talked whatever shit came into your mind. No effort. No gags, no thinking. No relation to anything that is funny, no surprises. No 'whoa!'-effect in any way. I could read the instructions to my refridgerator while showing nothing but a red screen, and would have made a higher-quality video.
And YOU expect US to write serious reviews?

HardHart responds:

I don't expect a serious review. I expect fucking REVIEWS, serious or not.

If you're going to be a smartass and say "How the fuck am I supposed to review this", its better you don't post anything if you can't write anything that counts as an actual REVIEW for this flash.

It's just bad, and I shall tell you why.
1. The audio is just ridiculously annoying.
2. The script was "really really really really really really really really" repetitive.
3. The plot was a little to gross, like something a 10 year old would think of after learning about sex and his own penis.

If I were you, I would work on my writing and plot set up, then record stuff like this. At least your videos would be a little more intelligent then.

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HardHart responds:

See this Weim & PTSquirrel? See this right here?

This is a fucking REVIEW.

If you two actually wrote something like this your reviews wouldn't get marked as abusive all the time.

Thank you for your constructive review ElPudge. You're actually using the review section for what it was intended for. Which is REVIEWS.

Review marked as helpful.

Still marking abused on our reviews. Ohh did anyone mentally said "I didn't marked them a abuse".
Doesn't matter if anyone watched this poorly video because we can review whatever we want.
PTsquirrel's right. Accept their mistakes and try to improve, sadly Hardhart isn't listening to critics so marked our reviews instead. So sad and pitiful.

I guess you got +50 F+ in here and school too. xP

HardHart responds:

How many times do I have to fucking explain this to you? Are you seriously retarded?

People are allowed to leave negative reviews on my videos. Actual reviews go unreported from me.

The key word is REVIEWS. Not snarky comments, not a response to a previous conversation, fucking REVIEWS.

PTSquirrel does not leave reviews. He leaves comments leaving absolutely nothing helpful. You may preach "OMG HES HELPING!" just because you agree with what he's saying but he is not lleaving a REVIEW.

Even if he left reviews, it is my choice whether I want to listen to them or not. If I choose not to, he will just have to learn to live with them.

Since he is not leaving me actual reviews and 95% of his reviews are unhelpful bitching that I'm not doing exactly what he said, that means his reviews are marked as abusive because they break the review guidelines which he agreed to by checkmarking that box saying "I Agree".

Do not private message me. I've blocked you because you have no desire to have a normal conversation with me. You just want to talk to me through reviews and news posts. You also want to send me private messages while you have me blocked so I don't have an opportunity to give my criticism to whatever bullshit you're telling me like you have in the past.

I also need to mark your reviews as abusive because like PTSquirrels, they are not reviews, they are just you bitching and acting like an arrogant douche. These break the reviewer guidelines therefore they are reported.

I guess you can't fucking understand that simple concept.

Now piss off unless A: You actually REVIEW my content or B: You want to have a normal conversation with me through private messages.

Do not respond to this message in another movie I make otherwise they will also be reported. Once again, review section is for REVIEWS, not replying to a review response I made on a separate video. Oh who am I kidding? That's exactly what you're going to do. You're gong to respond to this in another video. You lack the ability to have a normal conversation because you are severely mentally disabled just like your friend PTSquirrel.

Also, please do not breed. We don't need a new generation to have to deal with the spawn of an idiot like you and a dumb bitch who thought it was a good idea to throw her life away by marrying you.

Fucking understand? No, you don't. My efforts are just futile.

Not so funny like others you have done but i had a good time....
And for that guy PTSquirrel.......If you dont like them why you still watching them!!!!!

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HardHart responds:

PTSquirrel is seriously mentally ill.

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Credits & Info

1.21 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2013
1:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody