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This is Episode 4 of Foxy Apartment. We really hope you enjoy!

About Foxy Apartment:

This is a cartoon that Tim Urlacher and Nikki E Poseidon created. We work on episodes on a daily basis and we release one each week. These episodes consist of random skits, there's nothing linear about FoxyApartment and that's the way we like it.

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I thought this was a decent effort. I just failed to see a lot of good satire here. Are you British? I assumed this would be about the new baby the princess was having. I will admit that the animation was pretty good. I'm a bit confused now if you are a different person than Tim Urlacher.

At least I know Tim worked on this. There did seem to be some pretty steady movements in this. I couldn't find anything that foxy about it. Maybe you just need to draw more attractive women. I thought the boobs would be clickable, like in Epic Battle Fantasy.

Affinitia responds:

Well neither of us are British. My girlfriend Nikki who goes by the name "universalart" did the British accent for Dani Chung. This episode was also made about 2 to 3 weeks ago, we don't follow mainstream media or the news so we don't care or know about the princess and her baby? lol

Foxy Apartment is just the name of our show, I think it's really hard for people to understand that we just want an easy to remember name that applies to the animations we make. Foxy Apartment could very well be named "Party Pants Central" or "Bob's neighborhood".... you know?

I'm glad you like the animation and stuff. It was really fun to make and we'll probably do more of these. Next weeks episode is gonna be a music video and just like every episode of Foxy Apartment... it probably won't pertain much to the name. The name is like a brand. Although we like big boobs and will have more boobs in the future with this episode we really just wanted to make fun of how the news talks about celebrity's and gossip more than they do actual reporting.

So yes Affinitia = Tim Urlacher and universalart = Nikki E Poseidon. We live together, we have an office in our home, and we work on these episodes together on a daily basis. Really excited for next weeks Foxy Apartment music video that probably has more to do with birds than anything else...

this video made gave me the urge to want to cut off my genitalia and then commit suicide

SHE BANGS HER BANGS??? haha it was a hit and miss for comedy.. animation could have been better...

Affinitia responds:


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