World's End Chapter 1

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Deplorable Elevation 5 Points

Use the elevator.

Payment in Blood 5 Points

Defeat 25 enemies.

Blasphemous Errand 10 Points

Defeat Otis.

Class and Refinement 10 Points

Defeat Zofia.

Murderous Rampage 10 Points

Defeat 50 enemies.

So Many Highs Left Unattained 10 Points

Defeat Boris.

What Were A Boss? 10 Points

Defeat Laszlo.

Calculated Indifference 25 Points

Learn all of Ivan's skills.

Crossing the Threshold 25 Points

Complete the game.

Delayed Retirement 25 Points

Learn all of Casimir's skills.

Into the Chasm of Enlightenment 25 Points

Learn all of Tevoran's skills.

Petulant Frenzy 25 Points

Learn all of Ysabel's skills.

Questionable Victory 25 Points

Achieve 8 flawless victories.

Relics Unveiled 25 Points

Find all secrets.

Skeetlings To The Four Breezes 25 Points

Learn all of Vadim's skills.

Strong Like Ox 25 Points

Learn all of Oksana's skills.

Unprecedented Violence 25 Points

Defeat every enemy.

Boundless Cunning 50 Points

Achieve flawless victories in every battle.

Author Comments

A darkly comedic turn-based strategy RPG.

Learn skills to improve strength and unlock special attacks and abilities. Buy, find and plunder items and equipment. Use terrain, traps, obstacles and even foes' corpses to gain the tactical advantage as you lead Tevoran and Company to questionable victory.

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2015 Updates:

Added game engine improvements from Chapter 2 and updated map artwork. Thanks to everyone for the bug reports!

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Excellent game. This is my third time playing through it now. (Doing subsequent playthroughs for the skill achievements) The story is great, the humor gives a bit of light to the darkness of the plot, and the minimal amount of funds earned makes you think more about what to buy and who would be better suited for new gear.

The only downsides I've noticed are some of the 'Learn all skills' achievements don't work, which isn't that big of an issue. The biggie is the game ending glitch, when you end a battle by killing an enemy with something from the field (Igniting the statue during chapter 2 for example), which will cause the game to constantly spam the 'You Win' symbol, as well as the 'Flawless Victory' sign, if you got a flawless in the battle anyways.

Aside from those two quibbles, I enjoyed it, and I can't wait for the second part of the story~

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Just a masterpiece, there some improvements could be added, as a more intuitive and clearly HUD, but really it's a very good work i can't wait for the next chpater, rminds me alot to FF Tactics on PS. Just great work Mezzanine guys.

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When I saw that this was a turn-based RPG I was crazy excited. Unfortunately, when I attempted to load it it went to a permanent black screen after the stairs logo. I reloaded the page multiple times with the same result. All that was visible was the volume thing (so I can mute and unmute the nonexistant sound on this black screen). Since no other flash on newgrounds is doing this for me I have to assume there is some programming error you should look into.

Oh man, just increasingly exciting!!!!
I loved that great care that was put into the story and dialogues!!!!
And the balance of the characters and skills suits me the best!!!
Thank you! Masterpiece.

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An original game with a distinct personality.

Starting with the gameplay, I liked it, the fixed battles ensured no grinding requiring a thoughtful strategy to be put into upgrades. Being able to throw the corpses of the fallen was a nice touch. However, all attacks had the same AP required and I would like to see some actions that require less. There is a good but not impossible challenge with this game.

The dialogue is better I've seen on any flash RPG. Most original, hilarious and clever. It's outrageous at times but not over the top or awkward. Everything had a natural feel to it that fit the characters. Even the thugspeak I found to be clever and consistent. Most games pay little attention to the smaller details such as good dialogue, thinking we don't notice but I definitely do.

Tevoran is a great character. Strikes me as an eccentric, Don Quixote type anti-villain. Able to spin misdeeds, even atrocious actions into a chivalrous deed worthy of song.

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4.45 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2013
8:52 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG