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Fb#6: Dark Souls

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This is a short animation I made about something that irritated me about my playthrough of Dark Souls. I am planning on making a full-length animation, of Dark Souls, but it's gonna take a while ;) And "Fb" is a short series I make about whatever I want, you can find most of the others on my Deviantart page, and I think there's one or two on my newgrounds...


If you haven't played Dark Souls, I highly recommend it, it is one of my favorite games of all time.

This is the episode of JonTron I used that Audio clip of Jaques from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&...

ALSO here it is on Youtube and Deviantart, if you are into either of those things:



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nvm it works now. realy good video btw

Wonderful representation of the trolls in Dark Souls, and on a personal note. Can I get a name to the music at the end?

FbMan responds:

Thanks, the song is Cole Train Rap from Gears of War 1, this part is like 30 seconds in

I highly doubt that it took you 30 hours... And that was really short animation. Not much.

FbMan responds:

It did and does take that long, imagine doing 200 low quality scetches to map out movements then going back and finishing all 200, and adding details like the logo on his talbrad or the reflection and angle of reflection in his armor pieces. And 30 hours is short for animation, it should be a believable concept.

Them troll messages, lol!!!

FbMan responds:

;/ Ohhhh yeah

5 for jacques reference and the good art and junk

FbMan responds:

Thanks and junk