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Dark Maze

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Author Comments

UPDATE 2: Hopefully fixed some issues addressed in 00Nick00's review! This will be on its way soon.

UPDATE: Max pulses upped from 10 to 20, it may be a short while before the update takes effect but it is on its way!

Dark Maze is a mouse avoider set entirely in the dark, you must emit pulses of light which bounce off of the walls of the level to reveal the surrounding area to you.

The game features 100 levels with new game+, ++ and +++ which add obstacles to the levels for an entirely different experience.

Your goal is to explore the maze to either collect 10 crystals or reach the 100th room. Collecting 10 crystals will allow you to warp to room 100 and advance straight to the next difficulty.

The maze includes a variety of different environments, including aquarium, greenhouse, cauldron, gears, graves, armoury and more.

The game also includes a level editor and about 10 custom levels that were made using it.


~ Hover over the orange flames to start and end a level.
~ Move the mouse to navigate, avoid the walls.
~ Left-click to emit a pulse of light.

~ RED FLAME: Gives you a long-lasting pulse of light that illuminates the room for longer than usual.
~ BLUE FLAME: Gives you an ever-lasting pulse of light that keeps the room lit for the rest of your current life.
~ WHITE FLAME: Emits a flash pulse that keeps a small area very well lit for a short period.
~ CYAN FLAME: This flame allows you to traverse water.
~ SMALL FLAME: Acts as a checkpoint and gives you 1 extra pulse.
~ BRIGHT FLAME: Fully restores your pulses.
~ GREEN FLAME: Clicking on this launches the 'merchant' where you spend points earned after each level on the above powerups or additional upgrades.


I've been working on this game since October, the bulk of it was finished in a relatively short time but I took the extra time to add some extras + await the amazing soundtrack provided by InvisibleObserver. I hope you enjoy it!

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so challenging and great!!!

This is a Really cool game!

a very cool and challenging game

This game is wonderful. It offers challenges and variety, alongside simple animations fitting the game.

Some things I think should be fixed or changed.

1) It is possible to cheat in this game by right clicking.

2)The level editor has no way to delete object that have been placed.

3) There is no way to get back to the main menu unless the paged is refreshed.

If you fix the issues i mentioned above, I am sure people will like this game even more.

So, other than the things I mentioned, this is a good game. It has good music and sound effects. It has enough levels to keep players entertained for a bit. It even has a level editor, which I know players will like ( me included).

Overall, I think this is a great game with some small issues. So, I will give it a 4 out of 5.

Jindo responds:

1) I did originally implement cheat detection when the player right-clicks, no idea why that's not working but I will correct it, thanks for bringing that to my attention! (EDIT: Seems to work fine offline, I'll see what I can do)

2) You can delete objects by pressing X after selecting them, I will make this clearer. (EDIT: It appears that scroll-wheel was a poor choice for browsers, I'll also provide an alternative for switching modes in the editor)

3) You can also leave the game and return to the main menu by pressing X, again I will make this clearer in game.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!