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Need I say anything more?
Well just for you people who will be severely dissapointed in me after I promised another clip of the ALfred Alfer film 2013 - The premise of that movie, or one of them, is that Alfred is a Corrupt internet porn star who takes over the whole industry by raping other pepole's characters in a slew of pandering bullshit. This mess of parody pandering travesty is the manefestation of Dictator Pickles if you will, as Alfred plugs himself into the computer and corrupts through the pixel world as he gains cash and views. Beleive me or beleive I am merely giving in to the stream of bullshit for views - either way it is in the movie. Dont worry folks a legit necrophile scene is currently being animated as well, I just needed to release this before none of the fickle audience gives two shits about the game grumps anymore.

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Jesus... Now I know his Animations is good and all, but this is MORE disturbing...


I ejaculated to this all over my screen and proceeded to cover my entire room with cum to this animation.

Thank you.

you cant unsee what has already been seen

Crowmilk101 please go eat a dick this video was made for comedic purposes so no harm is intended and the fact you take offence to a joke is sad

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Jul 13, 2013
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