Tentacle Biscuit

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I like to think this movie really describes me as a person.

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I feel like I'm staring right through your soul.

I really dont wanna meet you in real live.

Description of the video:
it's a picture of a cookie and a wry triangle on top of it, possibly drawn with your left leg.
A song is put on top of it.
If this was your year work and you'd have written a step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it, you'd actually get an A.
But Newgrounds is not your university. Quality content is frowned upon in here, while shit is met with generous applause.


Tentacle cookie.

The voice acting was not very good. You should fix that.

It's like a sail cookie.

I shouldn't have watched this.

It's got tentacle, therefore it's hentai.

Is this rated properly?

Is that the cookie that the internet's always talking about?

The credits were ...uninformative.

The animation is lacking.

I'm pretty sure this gave me seizures.


The Replay button does not work.

FREE Minecreaft codes are a lie.

I don't know who did the music cuz it wasn't in the credits. Was that The Who?

This was not very original the second time I watched it.

Too many ads.

Flashes do well when they look good. This didn't. Get out the ugly.

This is a total rip-off of Tentacle Bento.

Don't feel bad, bro. None of my flashes have good ratings either.

So, like, if I was the last person on earth, and it was just me and this flash, and we were all that was left on the earth, and that was it...I forgot where I was going with this.

Post this review in 4 flashes and you'll be ...an ass and you'll get banned.

WOOT! All my 1's go to this! :D

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2013
10:25 PM EDT