Little Bunny Foo Foo: No Evil 008

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The Youtube version NOW HAS SUBTITLES.... I don't know if and how I can do it here. Check out my youtube if you want subs.

The template for this animation is the myth of the otter and the rabbit. Obviously I've replaced "Otter" with "Lizard." This is only because there seems to be a running gag with "lizard" having their fish stolen among native myth. The otter and the rabbit is the only instance where fish was stolen from someone other than lizard, so... I changed it to lizard.

So here it is Wrip and Calamity put aside their differences (grudgingly) for the sake of betterment... and when I say betterment I mean screwin' with ornery folk...No they won't drown... it's a shallow pool after it's mostly emptied....Can't have them dehydrating.^^0

Freesound.org Sound effects-

UncleSigmund (harmonica guy)
and cms4f


Okay, I'm sorry, but I *need* to know: is how Calamity speaks your normal manner of talking? Because it is FANTASTIC. This entire animation is *mind-blowingly* good, and I could listen to the twelve seconds of your song-spell on a loop FOREVER. I am a complete sucker for a woman who can sing with real force, and if we were to ever meet, I would likely give you my heart. But sadly, all I can offer a favorite.

The favorite icon looks like a heart, though!

Now yes, I do have to admit that, as others have said before, at least Wrip's voice was a little inconsistent in terms of accent and, yes, maybe Calamity was hard to understand at the start, but I honestly didn't care by the end, for reasons I've already explained. If I had to offer some (different) advice, I'd say you need to focus on putting that final bit of polish on, well, everything. Now, don't think for a second that means what you have here isn't good, or great even. You know how you might see in a TV show or movie a chef slave over an extravagant meal, and everything looks so delicious you want to take a bite out of your screen? But before he or she lets it go out to the customer, they hold up a hand to stop the waiter, then carefully, SO gingerly, grab a tiny piece of parsley and place it on top of the steak with *micron* precision, and somehow that makes the entire thing completely perfect? That's what I mean - that one tiny bit of extra perfection that makes you go from "great" to "bathed in a heavenly light while an angelic chorus sings Hallelujah." Just that final bit of finish on the art, the animation, the voices, and your work will shine like the sun.

If I sound overly flattering in this, it's because I want to stress that this *is* fantastic, because I can see that you are entirely capable of raising the bar as high as it will go, and because I want to encourage you to do so. (And maybe a little because of that voice-crush I mentioned.)

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Wow. I don't know why I didn't realize it was you who posted this. I kind of enjoyed this whole story. Thanks for making it.

I enjoyed the hell out of this. I love how the lizard and the bunny were two strong female characters who get shit done (always a major plus) and the animation and character design were beautiful. The music was great and very appropriate, and the humor was sharp.

The only thing that was a tad bit off was the voice acting, like others have said. I loved the lizard's accent, but I couldn't always understand her. And I didn't realize the bunny was supposed to have an accent until she said "quiet-like". (You might want to make the bunny's accent more prominent.) Also, I feel as if the whole thing was paced just a few beats too quickly- have a little more time between each plot point, joke, etc, so that it has time to sink in before the story moves for it. Not *much* more time- maybe like an extra second or two?

But I digress. You've got a great flash here, and I'd love to see some sequels. Well done.

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Its good but 5 stars is too much i say 4 or 4.5 is good

That was some kinda smooth. Tho starving is mean, Was the bunny chic a ninja? She sure sounded like a ninja...

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Jul 10, 2013
6:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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