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Obsolete tells the story of a robot starting work in a decrepit toy factory. Trapped in the factory all its life it is curious about the outside world, watching a bird through the factory wall each day. When it mistakes a toy on the production line for the bird one day it sets the robots escape in motion.

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I recognized the music at the beginning. It was Nine Inch Nails. Was the rest of it Nine Inch Nails too?

Nice work... I could find some analogies with Pirandello's "CiaulĂ  discovers the moon", which tells the story of a boy working all life deep into a mine until a night he saw a light and decided to follow it to the outside where he discovers that there's a world outside the tunnels.

That was interesting and had some peaceful music with it I thought it was pretty awesome. Keep up the good work.

very nice stry, animation and music was nice, shows to never underestimate the will power of even robots:)

It deserves 4.5 start It was sad and touching at the same time Dont know how you do it :P