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Okey, i made this in an extreme lazy moment, so i know it's pure shit, you can blame it what you want xD

I made it only for contributing to the robot day. I promise my next work will be one thousand times better.

Music by Kevin Macleod

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I don't know why but this made me giggle. Than I read the tags and started laughing.
Looking forward to your real work. The concept was good. Maybe for the next robotday, you can create a full story :P

Noisy responds:

hahahahaha , yeah, the next one will be better xD

Ok, I agree with you that this isn't your best work, I guess most people here on NG now that you can do better when you spend more time & effort (like your great "Dirtown", my fav submission from you so far, proves!)

Nonetheless, this is a nice little entry for this years robot day! It's got a good groove and a fittin' soundtrack, especially the city-view Outro is kind of cool.
So yeah, nothing great maybe, but I ensure you it's not "pure shit" like you wrote in your comment!

Noisy responds:

haha, thank you ^^

Okay so here's my review (i'm going to use the old 1 to 10 scale on this ^^) :
Animation: 9
Music: 8
Originality & Idea: 10
Lenght: 6
Overall Score: 9 (or 4.5 stars)

Now don't get mad I'm not saying it's a bad thing, not at all! I really enjoyed this little animation, but the only complain I have is that it could have been at least a bit longer. :) You really have a talent to make flash animations my good man so don't give up alright? :)

Noisy responds:

i don't know why people say things like that, man, i think THIS is a piece of shit.

i made it in lazy mode for uploading something for the robot day, actually
If you want to see better works enter to my profile ^^

But im very thankful of your review. a hug :)

this isn't bad i like it!

Noisy responds:

hahaha thanks xD

Don't let any positive feedback discourage you! Try harder next time, regardless! :D

Noisy responds:

the thing is that i can make something x10 better but i was lazy |:I

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2013
11:56 PM EDT

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