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Fastest Weedmen
1. Narcissus 00:01:11.20
2. PulseLane 00:01:36.70
3. queenofbabes 00:02:05.45
4. NeonSpider 00:02:15.50
5. Wia88 00:02:18.40
6. RedN 00:02:30.07
7. fuckoffasshole 00:02:39.60
8. jacklehamster 00:02:47.87
9. MatthewF 00:02:50.17
10. Reznox 00:03:57.90
11. orangecrix6 00:04:27.93
12. Tsulong 00:04:43.40
13. Ray80 00:04:53.78
14. Shantom 00:04:59.53
15. waynerz99 00:05:11.53
16. tanke123 00:06:13.70
17. Entreri1321 00:06:51.87
18. francey716 00:06:53.67
19. ultrasonic2 00:06:53.87
20. metakingkirby 00:07:15.60

Author Comments

OMGAF Dragon stole your beloved Mariana! Run Through and fight Retarded hallucinations! Try to get your baby back!

This is a simple platform game that contains a heap of useless features:
- Yes, you can go left, right and jump
- A damsel in distress to rescue, in an excellent intro that you can definitely skip.
- 5 different game speed (So slow, slow, normal, high, so high). So high is the most difficult, but so slow is the most painful.
- Angels in the sky (finish the game with 0, 1 or 100 angels and you get a medal!)
- At the end of the game, you can save a replay, and send it to your friends as proof that you really finished the game (cause they won't believe that you actually sat through this whole game trying to beat it).
- No need for a walkthrough, just watch a replay from someone who finished the game, unless nobody manages to do it.
- You can make your character say something by pressing [ENTER]. (it's useless for the game, but you can use it to chat with your friend, or to make your replay more interesting).
- MULTIPLAYER: You can share your suffering and play with a friend online through the friend zone. Beat the game together and earn a medal!
- Last but not least, yes, there's OMGAF Dragon!

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who's oneyng lol never heard of him

If you spam R after getting a game over you can get over 100 lives

Medals in this game are broken to hell. The only one which works is Beat Weedman Eyes Closed. I should also have Beat Weedman, Beat Weedman SO SLOW, and Beat Weedman SO HIGH, but of course none of those medals awarded regardless how many times I achieved them in either Firefox or Chrome.

As to 100 Angels, Lone Angel, and Lone Dragon? Who knows? I haven't met requirements for those achievements myself, but given what I have met (and only the one medal even working) odds aren't good on these working either.

Gameplay is very sloppy and glitchy. Not a good game. Especially trollish that hardly any of the medals work, even if someone does manage to get through this.

pfft this is so fun

Do u even weed bruh x,D

Credits & Info

1.78 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2013
7:36 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop