Stainville Episode 3

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After a long year and a half of distractions, other projects, procrastination, a lack of passion, technical difficulties, sleepless nights, numerous battles with drug addiction, tears, fights, a surprise visit from several strangers all claiming to be my cousin, mutilated genitals, countless suicide attempts, vomit-scented alleyways following nights of bad decisions, and trips to the potty to take a dump, Stainville 3 sees the light of day.

Don't think that we've cleaned up our act over that period of time. You're still getting more of the same shit-smeared humor. Just a little more polished animation.


That was amazing... thank you. Thank you so much.

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wtf did i just watch lmao

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What the hell did I just watch LMAO
This was great, best episode by far

That was really messed up.

I've been following Stainville for a while and so far enjoyed the randomness and crudeness it contains. My main beef with the series is that the three protagonists aren't inspiring at all. It is hard to sympathize with them or root for them. I don't know their names, what kind of character traits they have, what kind of motivations they have, etc. Maybe you should try to evolve the characters a bit so that they'd be more lovable and viewers could actually start caring about them.

Otherwise nice job with the 3rd episode. Hope to see more Stainville in the future.

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Jul 8, 2013
5:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original