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N.S.A. - Prisma

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You are an agent of the National Surveillance Agency and it's YOUR mission to prevent embarrassing things from happening to the United States (terrorists and spies creeping in, primarily). Unfortunately all the information in the world is a bit much for you to go through, and a lot of people are being awfully suspicious. To help you the NSA (National Surveillance Agency, to be sure) has developed a wonderful computer system called Prisma. It magically finds the suspicious people for you and all you have to do is look through their
e-mail, voice transcripts and other personal data and decide whether they are terrorists or not. But you only have very limited time! So get to it, agent!

Sort through people's private data (by pushing the 'recover data' button) and either mark them as suspected terrorists for immediate interrogation ('warn authorities'), or let them pass ('give clearance'). You can drag documents around to organize the desktop but make it quick, you only have two and a half minutes for three targets!

Bart Heijltjes / Writing & Game Design
Roy van der Schilden / Art & Game Design
João Guilherme Brant / Programming

This game was created in 48 hours for MolyjamNL 2013 and contains harsh language and potentially uncomfortable imagery. May not be safe for work. 18+ advised.

All characters and corporations (who are also people) in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is obviously completely and utterly coincidental and a product of your own hyperactive imagination.

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Really good

I have to say you put some time and energy into this game I like the play style things really ran smooth and the game itself really took off and kept me interested so that was the fun parts I couldn't figure it out at first but maybe some better understanding of the game would be helpful besides all that said this was pretty cool and I had fun playing this interesting and different game you have here

Some better understanding of the game for new commers


I just found this game boring. It was too hard to understand. I admit that other people might like it. Well, the score seems pretty mixed. I guess those are my thoughts too. The music wasn't bad.

It just didn't make much sense to me. I'm not into this sort of thing. It was kind of different. Well, I should expect that from a jam here. MolyJam is a weird name.

I really like this game! I just wish there was more cases to solve rather than just the one. If you ever expand your game I would love to give you a higher score!

I don't think the zero scores are just. I like the idea behind this game and it sends a message for people to think about. Appearance isn't everything and perception can mislead judgement. The problem though is, as others have stated, the game is a simple clicker. The idea has merit though, can we put aside our prejudices and make a fair and accurate judgement of people's intentions? There is potential here. I think if you made another game like this but gave it a much deeper story, it would be very well received.

This is not even a game! What were these people thinking?! I did not even know that there could be such a thing so bad! All you do in this game is say yes and no? Wait did I just call this a game? Oh my bad!

Credits & Info

2.56 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2013
4:38 PM EDT