Duck Day

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An "animation" made up of little sketches about the idea of a regular duck becoming a superstar, for no particular reason.

The drawings were done in the back seats of road trips, and doodles in public. I wanted to make something quick and ended up dragging my feet for a while, so I'm releasing it now to be done and move on. It's pretty bad, but hopefully it's worth a laugh!

Sorry for the horrible quality, don't resize jepgs in flash kids.


Oh my god, I wasn't prepared for this
No kidding, I adored the simple story telling, it was super fluid and fun, and man, the NY scene had awesome shots!
Please keep up and post more stuff.

CameronMc responds:

Wow, glad you dug it man, thanks!


This was a pretty cute animation here you have added lots of good humor in this one and it being just black and white was kinda nifty aswell wouldnt hurt to have an ounce of color though.

Dont get me wrong I like the whole black and white style, but im thinking with a touch of color here and there it might spice things up now its just an idea just thought with all the black and white style that a touch of color would have more focus on everything else, anyways good luck.


CameronMc responds:

Yeah, color is kind of intimidating honestly lol but It's something I'm working on more and more! I appreciate the review.


The funniest part of this for me, personally, was how Obama referred to the duck as "a true democrat." That was pretty good.

However, I don't think this is worthy of the spot on the Top Submissions list. Even in the top 100. Out of all the hundreds of thousands of submissions, this isn't the fourth best by a wide margin.

Not to knock you, of course. I think my gripe is mainly with the people who vote here and how they don't really put much thought into things before they hit 5 Stars.

Having said that, this was a really nice animation that was brimming over the edge with style. I hope we all get to see more animations as a result of your doodles. Keep it up, chap.

CameronMc responds:

Dude you're blowing my mind right now- it was in the top 100?!
I don't know why people would even still be watching it, much less voting on it... When I posted it the average score was 2.5 stars!

Anyway, thanks man!

An interesting film about a duck being a hero. I liked it.

CameronMc responds:

Well thank you!

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4.30 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2013
3:00 AM EDT
Comedy - Original