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Endless War 7

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Next part of the Endless War series brings you behind the enemy lines of World War 2. No, you don't have to sneak in the bushes like a commando. This time you're on the bad guys side.
So, get in your tank, soldier!

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good game but the options don't save and the levels are short. its too easy to get stuck in artillery.

Amazing game, i'm sick of playing as a u.s sodlier and soviet soldier. This game is much better tthan world of tanks. Also if you want to make a endless war game made it about of pacific war. Good work!

Make your units live longer and not stay still after they have reached so far. Limit air strike/artillery, like 3 times a mission or something, or even one for more challenge. You can just slowly move closer and closer and airstrike or attack without them moving. Although sometime the enemy catches you doing it. Other than that this game has good graphics, the aiming system seems realistic, although I've never been in a tank before :P. The tanks movement is very good, the best I've seen so far. This game is still challenging and it would be such a good game if you would fix its problems. Really nice to have allies even though they're just sort of there for show. The upgrade system works well, and I enjoy the variety of tanks. Also, I love the fact that you are German in this game. It's rare for you to play as one. I hope you make another German one with these ideas in it. Good job.

well the game itself is fun... but damn due to the infinite warplanes you can call in the game doesn have any tactic... also you can immediately repair your tank...
i even managed to finish the last level thanks to these warplanes :/. pity.
also the intro: das ist your tank... thats not german lol. it should be: Das ist Ihr Panzer. ^^
therefore only 3 stars.

Normal game