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Superman Transcend #0

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Jul 4, 2013 | 2:47 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a fan made animation, done in flash 8, this took me 3 weeks to complete with the following limitations: drawn with an optical mouse, not trained in animation, poor and broken recording devices, limited amount of space on hard drive so videos or short.
My motivation to this was based on curiosity and some of the unexplained events that is shown throughout superman's history.
In addition, I was mostly driven to create this starter series to remind people that when Superman was originally created he was regarded as "the" unfair character, as there were no challenges for him. As a result, writers have decided that he should be the only character that they add a lot of limitations to, diminishing his abilities to a laughable state so that he could be viewed as believable and perhaps be defeated. It is this version of superman that most viewers are accustomed to. However, I plan to change him back to his original limitless state and beyond, exploring ideas that have haunted me for years, clearing up my confusion and things I thought that needed to be changed. so i continued it from the Superman All Star Movie to the Batman beyond series and then my original story will begin in the next story; so this only serves as the filler is very short but i think it sort of set the tone of continuing superman series.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

love this dude keep up the good work, i have the same issues you face i am going to mimic your work... because i just love your work and i hope you do not mind me using your name as a character. Your name sound epic. Rojay.. neat dude love your work man 5 star all the way bro do more if you can


Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is an interesting idea but the use of copyrighted material will get you no where and you need to improve your skills before attempting something like this

Rojay101 responds:

Like you said its just an idea and i will, if get the chance to do a series i will do it. if i improve that just how it goes, if i don't improve that is just how it goes; but nothing is going to stop me from posting my ideas.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Always love your work, i am going to copy your style of drawing and perhaps one day make series submissions like you. Love the idea of you using an ending movie and continue it; i mean i too wondered how is that superman was allegedly dead in that movie and then in the batman series we see him with grey hair, and in the comics the older his race of people become the more youthful they become as their body will absorb sunlight more efficiently, thus there cells should react differently . Superman was never really consistent, perhaps you are the key to solve it, put pieces together and add your creativity to it, can not wait for more. I think you should once again re-enter as a character and put yourself in cartoon form like what you did with Rojay, your original submission. Perhaps you should place yourself in cartoon form as Supermns Side kick, i mean he never had one now did he?
Consider it and make more, love your work and for a solo artist keep up the good work.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is unique, continuing all the misconception in superman, perhaps you should even mix other comic cartoons in it. look promising, look like you have a plan and i can see you thirst for animation. it is only a shame you are the only one doing this. I like your attitude and style so i am going to follow your Chanel and submission. As for the animation it look like a stylized version of Bruce Tim's work but once you stylize it, it is yours. The colors are ok and i see the connection and where you are going with it, your report make sense but i am just curious ... writers add all the limitation to superman so that the story could continue, if you are a fan then you would have known that they add these limitation so to make him fair. As originally he was deemed the unfair character; simply because he has no limits and even with these limitations, the superman is still the most unfair character but we still love the iconic hero. So press on with the series ma brother

just love your work, i would just love if you actually put yourself as a cartoon character in it . Like what you did with the animation Rojay lol.